Google home

My assistant could play cameras on hub or tv, now she can no longer see the cameracs?

Have you recently enabled 2FA on your Wyze account?


Yes i did is that what is causing it not to see the camera? Is there a fix?

You may need to relink it to Wyze and provide the 2FA in order for it to work


Yes. Both Alexa and Google Home have to be relinked with the 2FA for it to work again.


there was an option to remove the 2FA on the account which I did because I didn’t want it, I am not using the cams for security will let you know if that works

Ithis worked, I had to unlink my cameras then relink because I had changed around all the names no big deal now my google assistant cans see and play al! my cameras, I didn’t have to do anything with the new verification because I opted out of it.