Good morning

Kinda sentimental/cheesy, but I made a compilation of me walking the wife and kids to the car for school each morning for 3 months.

Good Morning


For anyone who’d prefer to watch it embedded in the forum, here it is as an embedded video:

When I watched it, I set playback to 2X speed and that was cool. :slight_smile:


Thanks for embedding for me! Much better than a blind link.

Also thanks for watching! Seeing it over and over, it’s funny how we get in such a rhythm. My wife doesn’t stray too far from her usual path lol


Freaking adorable. Watched the whole thing.

Suggestion: back-in parking. Much faster to get out in the morning, and much safer. (You can see so much better pulling out into the street.)

I rarely do this in parking lots but it’s great for driveways.

Thanks for sharing this.


Thanks! I agree with the back in parking. But it’s my wife’s car, and even with the back up camera, she won’t do it :man_shrugging:t3: a few times in the video it’s backed in, courtesy of me from the prior night lol


How did I know.


Loved it. Post an update when you give the keys to the teenager. . . . :joy:



So nice to see a young family in routine action each morning.
But I was wondering for two answers:

  1. Why daddy (on most days) walks bare footed?
  2. Is it a ‘house rule’ (or famous ‘wife rule’) to carry the toddler on car seat by daddy ?
  1. Because he is staying home. She is driving the kids.

  2. It’s probably a convertible car seat / carrier that clips in. (I don’t trust them.)