Get Emails Without Video Events?

Is there some way I can configure a V3 cam to: Send me an email when motion trigger occurs …but NOT also upload a video clip to Cam Plus Events?

I have Cam Plus activated on this camera which uploads video events at motion triggers. I use an IFTTT applet to have the camera also send me an email notification at motion triggers. The thing is, I want to trigger the emails but NOT the event video uploads. When I go to Event Recording in the app and turn off the “Detects Motion” switch, it stops the event video uploads (good) but it also stops the emails (bad.) I assume because the IFTTT applet doesn’t get the trigger now to send the email. So it appears to me there’s no way to configure things to get emails at motion triggers without getting video clips uploaded to Events at the same time, too. Is that correct?

The short answer is you need motion detection on in order to trigger you IFTTT applet. Motion detection then creates the 12 second clips. If you want motion detection without video you’ll need to use a motion sensor rather than a camera.

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