Get 2021 Plug Back in Pairing Mode so it will Pair Again

I deleted three Wyze plugs (2021 version with the key symbol on back) from the App. I want to re-add them. When I plug one in, I get 5 fast flashes and 7 slow flashes and then the light goes out. All the instructions say is that it should be flashing and then it will pair, yeah, that works for a new plug that hasn’t been paired. I think something must be doable to get this plug to stay in pairing mode. But there’s no button like the older plugs.

Anyone know how to get a 2021 plug to pair again?

Support is useless and I I don’t get these working by Jan 2, all four are going to be returned.

Welcome to the Community @learn2turn . I, like you, am a community member. I try to help when I can.

You can perform a factory reset by following these steps:

To perform a factory reset on your Wyze Plug:

  1. Press and hold the on/off button on the side of the Plug until the status light begins to flash blue.
  2. Once the status light begins to flash blue, you can setup the Wyze Plug via the app again with the new WiFi network. Click on this link to learn to look at our Wyze Plug Setup Guide.

Here is the link this was taken from:


Thanks, I found that and got it to work.

What was super annoying is somewhere else there are instructions for reset that have one section for the pre-2021 plugs and another for the 2021 plugs. The pre-2021 instruction said to press the button. The 2021 instructions did not mention the button at all. It simply said to plug in and it goes into pairing mode. That’s what got me confused. I didn’t even know they 2021 plugs had a button until I felt around for it and found it on the side.