Gavin the !@#$%^* Rat

Gavin getting a drink.

Dinner for Gavin tonight.


You know, for a rat, he looks kind of cute. Those big ears and long tail remind me of an oversized desert mouse, not your regular city rat. :mouse2:

I agree, I’ve never seen a rat that has those big ears. There were two different lazy cats here last night also, one black and white like a Holstein cow and another black cat with white socks. The :raccoon: imposter cat is on a time out but it’s just a worthless as the other two. First time I have seen a rat around here is 8-9 years.

Big ears:

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And hopefully, soon a broken neck…

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Big ears, like radar dishes or smth lol.

Two of 16 different event videos of Gavin inspecting the the trap and almond dinner. He’s not ready to play with new things yet.

And another useless creature.

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Maybe tomorrow Gavin!

I made Gavin an appetizer treat on another trap today with some tasty Genoa Salami and provolone cheese. Hope he enjoys it. :rofl: :rofl:


Gavin must have a “sophisticated” palate. :grin:

I would just tie a piece of gauze on the trigger and slather it with peanut butter.

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Maybe for his breakfast if he doesn’t like the current “treats” . :upside_down_face:


This creature wants to play with Gavin the !@#$%^* Rat but is to late. Gavin has a watch and arrives every night between 9:13 and 9:21 PM. I’ll leave a note for the :cat2: to show up earlier.


I think Gavin the !@#$%^* Rat has a headache :grin: I didn’t get the video of what happened because I think it occurred during the 1 minute cooldown period and I forgot to set the scheduled recording to the SD in the Cam. He was not in the trap but I think his head might be sore. Or his is 3 legged now.