FW update pop up

Ugh so when I need the thermostat the most , I get this screen …

Not even giving me the option to dismiss it and update at a later time .

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I did the update to get me to 1.2.5 and had no issues with it updating the T-Stat

I believe you will be ok, but not sure which version is being provided.

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That’s not what I’m referring to

The pop up for the FW update is not able to be dismissed unless I click on “update now” the app does not give me an option to not update . I’m not worried about the update .

I was just in a bad spot at work with barely any good signal so I couldn’t download the update …

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Got ya,

you could always have closed the app and opened it again, then stay away from the T-Stat

Doesn’t work . If you close the app and open the thermostat device screen it’ll prompt up the FW update pop up screen .

Not cool being forced to update a device and not give you an option to dismiss the pop up …

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I was saying to stay away from the T-Stat until you get to a location where you can do the update. Wyze does this only when the update is critical and needs to be done.

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We should always be given an option , no matter what…

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I agree, but it depends on what the issue is. I have had other products do the same thing when it is a security related issue. The difference is, those apps would not let you in until you updated. Wyze lets you in but requires the udpdate when you try to access the device

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Then you don’t agree😏

Wyze let’s you open the app, but does not let you access the device in the app unless you update the FW*

I am not against the FW updates , I am against FORCED firmware updates .

My dad called me that he accidentally set his thermostat to heat and didn’t know how to change it back to cool . When I opened the thermostat screen I was prompted to update the FW , unfortunately I was at work with bad signal .

Are you telling me that since I don’t have the option to update the FW that I can’t access the device in the app at all? And you think that’s okay?

So I let my dads thermostat run the heat and heat up his house like an oven until I can get good signal or drive to his house and access the thermostat manually after work …?

If wyze gave me an option to dismiss the pop up , I could’ve set the thermostat to cool in less than 1 minute but instead since my job has terrible reception I had to wait 6 hours for me to get out of work and finally get signal to download the update and access the device via the app…

We should always be given an option spam . No matter what !


@WyzeJasonJ, @WyzeGwendolyn, @WyzeJimmy, @WyzeAndy,

I have absolutely come off the hinges about this being done before and I am having a very hard time remaining civil as this is once again being forced.

I also got the forced update in my app.

Forced updates that hold my thermostat hostage are not just a bad idea, they are absolutely infuriating. You have no idea what my schedule is like or what I have going on. Yet this forced update prohibits me from accessing the thermostat in the app unless I agree to take it.

I will update my firmware on my schedule, not yours. Do not dictate my update schedule.

If this firmware bricks my thermostat, which is entirely possible, I do not have the time to mess with it as I am hosting out of state family. Yet, I cannot adjust the thermostat thru the app unless I update. This entire weekend it will now be operating as a dumb dial thermostat.

My thermostat is a critical piece of equipment that I will not update unless I am physically there to update with the time to troubleshoot the inevitable firmware issues that come with Wyze updates. And what if I weren’t home and needed to adjust the thermostat? Just hope it works ok on the other side of the update? Hope is NOT a method. Stop mandatory forced updates.


I really didn’t need any justification or validation for my apprehension of updating this FW without being there to monitor it and take immediate restorative action, but here it is:


@Rulwiz, I get what you are saying and agree COMPLETELY. This was the first time I have ever seen an update configured like this. Hopefully this was a “one off” and Wyze is not going to have this type up forces update with any other products.

But, you raised the point that you did not want to start the update on your phone that had a weak signal. I could be wrong, but I don’t think a firmware update is dependent on your phone. Once it is started, the update is downloaded directly to the device and your phone is taken out of the look. As I said, I could be wrong. @WyzeJasonJ can you touch base with an engineer to confirm one way or the other?

I am going to do a basic test here by starting a camera update and turning off my phone for 20 minutes. If it works as I think, the camera should be updated when my phone comes back on.

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How’d the test go…?

I have been passing the feedback up on this. This is not the first time this has happened, I think it happens when they decide an update is urgent, my argument is still put an ‘X’ or close. The only way now is to kill the app. Let the users know it is important and not just a regular fw update, but still allow them to decide to do it when convenient. That is what I am pushing for.


My first test involved 2 V3 cameras. I started one camera update and tried to back out. But the app locked up and I needed to kill it. I opened the app and started a second camera update. I was able to exit out and turn off my Android phone. I have no other devices that connect to my Wyze products. Other than the wifi, of course.

I watched about 10 minutes of a Eureka episode and then powered my phone back on. When I checked the FW versions of the cameras in the app, they had both successfully updated. I repeated the update test on a third camera and got the same results.

So, my conclusion is that once the app started the update process, it drops out of the loop and is not a factor from that point on. I think, @Rulwiz, you probably could have started update process at work with the poor signal and it would have updated fine.

That being said, I did see a thread here from yesterday that some people were having problems with the update failing and because there was no “X” option, they were unable to control the thermostat from the app.

I did notice that it looked like Wyze changed the FW Update pop-up message for the cameras. It now has a checkbox to update all. So I am going to give Wyze the benefit of the doubt here and say they just missed that exit option for the thermostat.

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The last full Public Release Firmware, 1.2.1, on May 4th, was also a forced update with total loss in App control of the device without the update.

This is the second consecutive full Public Release Firmware for the thermostat to employ this app lockout forced update method. There is no doubt from which Wyze can benefit. Rather, it is a documented trend.


Should a user choose to forego the update and close the app to escape the update, remote access control of the thermostat via Alexa or Google Home is also lost. Without this forced update, the only way to control the thermostat is by physically changing the settings using the dial on the unit.


I’m in the software beta program, so I usually already have most of the latest firmware installed. They must be treating the thermostat differently.

I also just noticed this on the Release Notes page:
1.2.5 (October 26, 2022)

  • Improved connectivity
  • Fixed an issue causing firmware updates to fail
  • Bug fixes

Note: This is a targeted release to those users that updated to 1.2.4.a2.

I was on that version.

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I saw that on the FW update page as well. And I am also in the Software Beta Program so I do see all beta FW updates available for the Thermostat and closely follow all posts in their related Beta FW Update thread so I can make an informed decision as to the stability of each version.

But I am on FW v1.2.1 and have never put a beta FW on my thermostat. It is a critical piece of home environment equipment that I am not willing to risk to beta bugs.

So, this update (1.2.5) is being publicly pushed outside of those who took Beta 1.2.3 or Beta\PR 1.2.4.a2 and is being done so without the benefit of any Beta testing of the build.

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Just a heads up, these dialogues are reserved for critical updates. If you ever get this dialogue, there’s a reason there isn’t a dismiss button and you should not wait to install it or try to circumvent it. We use a different dialogue for normal updates that can be dismissed. We get that it is a pain but this update includes critical bugfixes for those that were on the previous firmware, and this is specifically done because research has shown that those that are used to dismissing dialogues in our app without looking at them will stay on the unstable firmware update indefinitely, and we don’t want to risk the critical fixes never getting to them.


I updated the FW and just now noticed that auto switch was turned ON, I have always had it toggled OFF.

No other issues to report but we should always be given an option to update at a later time…

Once I was able to get wifi I downloaded the update and it took about 10 minutes … imagine if I did it at work with only 1 bar …

We should always be given an option , no matter what!

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That makes sense, but what if it gives you like 5 days of dismissible prompts, then a forced one.

Then people who don’t read the prompts will eventually be forced, but people who do and know to keep up with updates, just don’t want to do it right this second can do it when convenient