Furnace control panel terminal list

If the furnace does not have a C terminal is the “B” terminal the same common?

It depends on the furnace, Sometimes B can be common ( C ). Share a picture of the wiring and let me know the brand / model and I can tell you for sure.

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Yes, on an American standard, B is the C wire. You need to share a wider image that shows the wire bundles, and please do it in this topic, not elsewhere on the forum.

Thank you for your quick response…I have made several attempts to send a pix of board to WYZE but unable to send.
Am not tech enough to quite understand answer in Community…but again thank you…attached is another pix of furnace board wiring…your help is much appreciated

Take the blue wire that is wrapped around your thermostat wire bundle here
Unwrap it and strip the end and stick it in B with the white wire from the other bundle of wires.

Then go to your thermostat and find that same blue wire and attach it to C on your wyze.
No C adapter needed if you wire it this way.

thank you speadie (SPEEDEE)…you know you can spoil people with your quick answers…will do…and again THANKS!!!

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One more time…Thanks for your help…hooked up as indicated and it works …