FTP Option?

I would like the cameras with an SD card to have an FTP server. But I don’t think they necessarily need to automatically send any files. I can have a script on my computer automatically pull files on a regular basis. There are file sync programs that will do this for you.

Saw this on “the” reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/wyzecam/comments/c3msvg/really_big_sd_card/).

No specific info was given (hardware or software) as to how the individual used an NFS share to connect as an “sd card.”

And, as I’m not all that technical, I have no idea what any of that really means or if it’s even relevant.

I would also like FTP storage My PR4100 will not accept RTSP, but will support FTP protocol.


12 seconds and 5 minutes time-lapse is not enough when we, the users, need more
I know the company is doing business, so asking for longer videos and shorter time-lapse is not considerable.
Many of users have their own FTP servers, like me. We don’t need to pay for the Wyze cloud subscription and use our own FTP server to backup videos from the camera. We want the camera support this function for FTP upload (motion videos or full videos) to the FTP servers (as a bridge to upload the videos to our cloud storage such as Google Drive, Onedrive, etc) as other camera brands do. We see that there are hacks for Wyze camera that can do that function, but it’s not official firmware. We think it’s easy for Wyze to have that function and, we, the users can backup videos to the servers, at our own costs

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I would definitely preffer this over rstp to reduce video processing on my nas.

Everyone here should go vote for this higher voted alternative. It should be similar and easy for alot of devices as well. Direct access to SD card with download ability - #10 by adricm

Its the highest voted alternative that would work for us haha

Another vote for FTP.
Will be used for a weather station.

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One more vote for FTP functionality.

I’d love FTP file retrieval. A web app would suffice too though.

I don’t need a live stream from my camera and RTSP doesn’t work well (e.g. stream ends soon after starting). So, how about adding the capability for the camera to capture images (say every 5 minutes) and make those available for download (FTP??). Thanks for considering this add-on.

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Add my vote for an FTP option.


I still really want a FTP option!

Don’t be the company like “others” (Ring, Nest etc…). If the products main feature is video recording you should concentrate on all the possible options how a user could access, upload, download, stream , send or even edit the video file within your software while files are on the device.
It’s a very popular tactic now, having a customer purchase the actual product and then make him pay monthly subscription to actually use it… (and no, getting your SD card and uploading from PC doesn’t count).
There is bunch of free software such as ContaCam, you can turn any old computer, netbook, laptop into a fully functional security system, can even set up your own server for online streaming, motion detection etc. (I have 3 old webcams connected to ThinkPad X61T which I bought for $15).
Anyways, the company makes great products, but don’t forget to work on what users want / need. This FTP request is an extremely simple option to add…

  • Another vote for FTP.
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It seems like in these times when you are unable to supply new cameras (February 2021, can’t get a v3), you might use some of your resources to do what you CAN. Such as give us FTP image upload. It wouldn’t be hard for you, and it’s something your customers want. Instead you are still running facebook ads to promote vaporware? Please shift and do something we want.

It would be really cool and nice to have the ability to convert the camera into a weather camera with FTP.

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Agreed. Seems so obvious. It has been requested by tons of people, but I’ve never seen Wyze acknowledge. Also a decent simple reliable video streaming capability without some goofy hack job to try and get RTSP working without compromising factory features / support.

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I’m glad I asked this question many years ago, thanks for supporting this option. Sadly I fear it will never come. That would defeat selling subscriptions services. Sadly this is the way. Adobe, Microsft 360,…the list goes on. Anything for a dollar. I use these cameras to monitor the house whener we go out of town. I will have altrnative solutions this summer for the outside (local dvr system).

Please keep up the heat, maybe this option or a solution by a memeber may come.


Agreed. Need FTP

I agree with all. FTP is really needed

Another vote for FTP.