Friendly faces not working

Hi all, I recently purchased Cam Protect to get friendly faces support for my driveway camera (Cam V3) which sits up under my driveway eves. I can’t seem to get it to register faces. When I go into my account and then friendly faces, it says no people have appeared in the past 14 days. This is even when I go out and look right up at the camera for 3-4 seconds with the camera maybe 6ft away. I do get a notification that a person was detected but that’s it. Friendly faces is enabled for this camera in settings. Any thoughts?

Is that different than Cam Plus, which I think I have?
when you look at the event videos, are any of the buttons at the bottom for pet, person, tree, etc lit up?

It is different. The normal Cam Plus gives you the AI which can identify person, pet, vehicle, etc. The Cam Protect takes it a step further and will recognize faces so that you can tag them. My intention was to use this to create a rule so that I wouldn’t get notifications when my wife or I went out to the driveway. The AI is working for this camera…it does show Person or Pet or Vehicle next to the events. But the facial recognition is not working at all, so I’ll have to remember to cancel my free trial before the 14 days are up.

I have cam plus. I have faces. I do not have protect. Thoughts?

If you go into the Account tab in your app, do you have something called “Friendly Faces” and is there anything in there?

By the way, I was able to get it to register my face but I had to literally stand right under the camera. It’s like it doesn’t work if the face is more than 6 feet away, so this won’t work for me.

@Rherteux – I certainly do.

I haven’t found the faces feature to be too interesting yet.

The system finds faces, you assign them a name, future ones get added, you kind of ‘train’ the model a little bit by classifying who is who, but I think after about 10 or 12 different people it stopped asking me to tag others.

For me the use case would be “show me when a person is NOT related to me” or “Is not the cleaning lady” or “is not the pool cleaner”. I don’t need to find videos with known people in it – I need to quickly filter those folks out and only see events with unknown people.

I don’t know what the distance is. I have a camera 9 feet in the air pointing at a gate that enters our back yard where the pool is. We have had people walk in that gate and even had delivery folks put stuff inside that gate. We have since added a smart lock (thanks Wyze). But even when someone has a code, and they come in, the camera picks them up as a person event – it doesn’t know who it is. So we have to look through those videos.

I think it is great that these things record events and send notifications. I don’t think it is great t have to spend so much time reviewing the videos. I guess if nothing is lost or missing, no reason to view the videos. I am way too busy to review them when they come in in real-time notifications.

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