Forum Operations Feedback Thread

In addition, you can use the search tool in the upper right corner. If you select the “search this topic” box you’ll be able to search posts in the topic you’re viewing.


It would be great if there was a simple toggle to let you change the sort order from oldest first to newest first.

The forum platform we use (Discourse) doesn’t have the ability to sort newest on top. However, if you click the latest time at the bottom of the scroll bar to the right, it will jump you right down to the bottom where you can read up for reverse chronological order.


I really appreciate the Forum, but agree that it is hard to find up to date posts in one place

Is there an “ignore” feature on this board?




Wouldn’t it be ironical if you were ignoring me? :wink:

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Think this through -
IF I knew how to ignore YOU I wouldn’t have posted :slight_smile:
And welcome back.


Ouch!  You didn’t say it was gonna hurt:pleading_face:

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If I try to reply to a topic or a comment of a community member who is ignoring me, does the system prevent me from doing so and/or inform me that I’m being ignored?


Did a little research on Discourse forums and the complexity of this subject exceeds my interest. Here’s a simple statement that summarizes:

No, you can’t fully block someone on Discourse… the most extreme action a normal user can take is an ignore (an ignored person can see your content, but you can’t see theirs). -Feb 2021

I will assume that an ignored user is not made aware that another user is ignoring them, and is not prevented from replying to their topics or comments.

Since 2-3 days, I have a bug with the forum. If I click on my avatar, top right, I have nothing in the menu. Same thing if I click on the bars. To have these works, I have to go at the top of a thread or the forum. The issue is on safari, chrome, discourse…

gyzmo! dude! Are you still French? :wink:

I assume you’ve already tried wiping all devices and reinstalling. I can see no other option and I’ve been using Windoze for thirty years so I know. :nerd_face:

(Thanks for committing my recent wrigglings to video - with a virtual visit to Gwen, even! You rock! :laughing: )

Windows has nothing to do with this. The forum problem is on my iPhone Lol

Nothing but pikers on this forum. You’re NEVER gonna get that problem solved here.

I heard there’s a Discourse forum. And they love specifically demonstrated problems like you video-ed. I know, second hand info, but still.

You’re NEVER gonna get that problem solved here.  NEVER.


This is a problem with the forum software. I’ve had something similar in the past. Since I’m not active like I used to be, if they don’t fix the problem it won’t keep me from sleeping lol.:slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, well if you have any more questions about the Forum come to me, I’ll hook you up. I’m the only one on this forum who’s not a piker. And I’m generous, good and kind. Which is four good things when you add it to not-a-piker. So…

Can you find me the procedure to install firmware manually? It’ll save me the trouble of looking for it tomorrow and it’ll do something for you to do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I already had this info but can’t find it anymore.

It’s that obvious, eh? :slight_smile:

Eh? Not-a-piker? Eh??

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I had just found it in my shortcuts. We will not have done this for nothing, it will surely be useful for others. Thanks for the effort. :+1:

There is still the display issue of the forum to be resolved. For this one, you can’t do anything.:slightly_smiling_face:

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