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It’s nice we can follow (“Tracking,” “Watching,” etc) different forum categories (Beta, News From Wyze, Ask the Community, etc). Similarly, I would really love if we could have the ability to do the same for certain Profiles. Then I could select the bell icon and say “Tracking” on all my favorite users (All Wyze Employees, All Mods/Mavens, and a few other Community accounts). Another option would be to allow us to simply set “Watching” to anyone who is a member of group “WyzeTeam” or group “Forum Moderators” or group “Forum Mavens”. I want to read/get an alert for pretty much every post any of the people in these groups make (in any other category or thread).

Let’s face it, there is a lot of “noise” in the forum threads, which sometimes makes it hard to find the good stuff we care about. I have tried to “watch” categories like “Ask the Community” or “Wishlist” to make sure I didn’t miss something cool by Wyze employees, mods, mavens, etc, but there is so much…noise…in them that I finally had to stop “watching” them, and then I miss out on a lot great content I would’ve loved to have seen or participated in.

Thanks for your time everyone, I love the forum and community here, and I feel that the ability to get notifications whenever a Wyze employee (or certain ones at least) makes a comment would be really beneficial. I love hearing anything you guys say (as well as mods/mavens and some other community regulars) without having to sort through dozens of individual profiles and thousands of different posts for hours just to make sure I don’t miss something interesting. :slight_smile:

I am not sure it is possible, but if it is, I hope you consider it. I know I mentioned this somewhere else months ago, but just barely saw this thread was created specifically about these kinds of forum-feedback topics, so I wanted to include this relevant idea here for others interested in the topic to consider as well. Thanks.


I like that idea and it would be useful for me too. :+1:


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What would you think about per-product threads in the wishlist section so that we can see all the ideas for a product and their relative popularity without having to do a search?

I.e. we would have the current Wyze products, Plus a “future products” and a miscellaneous category.

That would be extra useful if there are aliases for all the ideas that are already on the roadmap for that product. Thanks for building a community and great products!

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I see value in the proposed categorization of wishlist items, though I think tags can accomplish most of this when people learn how to leverage the more advanced search options. I’ll explain how I have been accomplishing doing what is requested:

  1. Click the search icon
  2. Click Options
  3. Under Advanced Search, in Categories, select “Wishlist”
  4. Under “Tagged” select the product you are interested in
  5. Click “Sort By” and change it to your preference (ie: most votes)

It will now include every wishlist item related to that tag/product in order of most voted for to least.

If the results are incomplete, then it is because the submissions weren’t tagged. To accomplish this request, it would just take convincing people to use tags “future products” or whatever else when they submit wishlist items.

I do agree that it is nice to be able to organize items this way. I suppose someone could code in a few shortcuts in the wishlist forum that include the most popular products. For example, the following link shows wishlist items related to the
headphones: Search results for 'tags:wyze-headphones-preorder #wishlist order:votes' - Wyze Forum
Or V3: Search results for '#wishlist tags:wyze-cam-v3-preorder order:votes' - Wyze Forum
Home Monitoring system: Search results for '#wishlist tags:home-monitoring-preorder order:votes' - Wyze Forum

All it would take to have better options to view wishlist items as is being requested is better adoption of tagging during user submission and things would work pretty well that way.

I acknowledge the request is to be able to have the above without having to run a search. I was trying to help provide an immediate solution with the way things currently are that wouldn’t require a hundred hours of mods looking through each wishlist item again to code in a new interface and sorting for them all :slight_smile: I do like the organization idea a lot in general though.


I am all for being able to see an alphabetized list of new product proposals submitted by customers…that when clicked on break into various threads on that product idea. For example, on an alphabetized list…one product idea might be named “Dash cam”. When I click on “Dash cam”, all the threads of suggestions open.

HI @UserCustomerGwen can I send you an email?

Where would the appropriate place be to post feedback on a product for future versions of that product?

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Is there anything the community can help with?


The mystery of this website, oh my! Awhile ago, I posted independent posts and could not find them days after posting them. However, there was a Wyze community regulator (?), that said he was able to find my posts by clicking on my screen name. That didn’t help me find my independent posts that were allegedly posted. Then I posted in direct response to someone asking a question and was able to find those posts rather easily.

The next problem that is driving me nuts, is how do you erase those notifications that are listed under your personal icon ( when you press the little circle that would have your picture in it, if one wanted a picture of themselves in it). Here’s the thing, I not only want to be able to delete old notifications, but I would also like to determine what I get notified about. I already made a visit to ‘my account’ settings, and it didn’t really make any sense to me since I don’t know how all of this works, to begin with.

It would be nice to have very basic instructions on how to utilize the forums, what the different commands are meant for, and how to communicate effectively via the forums and private discussions. How do you delete old ‘discussions’ ?

Currently, after hitting the reply button to the original poster, then typing this post, I do not see any button at all that says ‘post’, in order to post this reply. So, I have copied what I typed and will hit a couple buttons, to see what happens. If I loose this info that I have already typed while trying to figure out how to post…

Hi @b4ornot The little circles under your “Profile Icon” are items you are tracking. You can change those by clicking on your “Profile Icon” (the B) which presents a pull down menu.
Go there to “Preferences” then "Notifications were you can select how and why you are notified.

On the bottom of this thread there is also means to select amount of Notifications for this thread. You can’t delete it but you may select “Muted” which means “You will never be notified of anything about this topic, and it will not appear in latest.” There are three other selections as well. How it switches is defined in how you set your Profile as stated above.

I guess you figured out how to Post. Here is a good place to start: The Community Guidelines. (Wyze Community Guidelines)


will work on it… thx for the info!

The forum software is “Discourse”. Here’s a basic guide:

Discourse also has interactive new user and advanced tutorials. Please see instructions in 1st post here:


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I just want to say that my hat is off to you forum mavens and mods.

The amount of derp and truthfully ignor-stupid comments and post I see in some of these topics makes me want to ban/delete many of the users.
You all are good people with a good sense of what is good and not good in a forum.

Thanks for doing what you do.


I just TRIED to find an answer to a Outdoor Cam problem…
I was surprised and discouraged to see a topic beginning with the posts OVER A YEAR AGO and hundreds and hundreds of posts to wade through to (maybe?) find something helpful!
MOST if not ALL reasonable forums SORT the posts with the MOST RECENT FIRST - because that is where the latest info can be found and a recent possible FIX for the problem.
I suggest that you make this either an option or default for these forums- else they are likely useless to me.

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It’s good forum software, the best I’ve seen. Click the page count that’s always on your lower right, and use Jump To with a large number to skip to the bottom. You can scroll up from there.

You can also just use that scrollbar.