Support help for @Ericnkretsch

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I’m sorry about this? I’d suggest calling again. (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Let me know how it goes.


Hi, would love it if more time was diverted from moderating the forum to helping customers with support issues. I’ve been waiting for two weeks for a solution for my Wyze Watch problem. That would be a great adjustment to the forum.

This is primarily a user form and it’s not monitored by Wyze support. If you need a response from a Wyze employee or would like product support, you must contact support online or by phone.
This forum is a place for users to talk to each other about Wyze related topics. Many times support will recommend users to this forum to see if the can find the solution here.
Many moderators are user volunteers and not Wyze employees. Sometimes moderators can bring specific tops to the attention of Wyze, but this depends on the situation.
All Wyze employees have Wyze in their name, like WyzeGwendolyn for example. Wyze employees will sometimes help users with issues, but that is not always the case.
I’m sure the @Mods have more to add too.


I have contacted support both via email and phone with no resolution to my issue. I have been emailing everyday it seems there is no progress to a solution.

Wyze doesn’t have and has never demonstrated an efficient customer support service. Support ticket most often are not addressed, nor is the problem cured. Each and every submission for support deserves a response from Wyze.

As to the forums, they can provide a wealth of helpful information. Using them as a place to complain goes to Wyze’s deaf community. They don’t seem to be swayed to help us (users). Now and then a Wyze employee will address an issue but that is purely ‘hit and miss’. I Hope that at some point they address this issue.

I’ve run this up the chain. Hopefully it will help.
As @Brlepage pointed out, this Forum is not monitored by Wyze employees regularly, but we can reach out.


Yes, that may be true but everyone knows that both you and @Brlepage must be highly paid for all the abuse you take!!
I bet you get stickers when you buy new products :slight_smile:

I’m just hoping to get something resembling what I paid for. The Wyze Watch 47 showed up and never turned on. I charged it for hours (days really) with the proper charger. It never turned on. Now it’s been over 12 days since I submitted my support ticket and nothing is moving forward. Other than support issuing me a second ticket ( if though I gave them my first). At what point is this fraud?

This isn’t an issue where the watch is acting up or there is a glitch that an update will fix. This is me just getting a working product.

Hi @Ericnkretsch From what you say it sounds defective and you need a replacement.
Have you replied to the eMail from Wyze (with the generic suggestions)?
Was this an on-line support ticket or did you call Live Support at 206.339.9646 ?
Post your Support Ticket number here and perhaps @tomp can send it up the pipe.

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I used email support and called. When I called all they did was give me a second service ticket. It is a defective device and I do need a replacement. That’s what I am hoping to get resolved.

Ticket numbers are in order of set up.


Not sure which they prefer to use. And I’m not sure why they gave me a second when I was on the phone and gave them my first.

I am on the phone now, waiting for support to answer. I don’t plan on leaving this call without a resolution to my issue.

They may not have a replacement Wyze Watch 47.
Try for a RMA (return merchandise authorization) and get replacement or credit back on your card.