Forum Operations Feedback Thread

Please follow the link to the Community Guidelines concerning keeping this forum tidy and diverting a topic by changing it midstream.

Your post is not a request to add an Action to Wyze Rules. Your post seeks to open discussion for changing the Wishlist policies and methods set forth by Wyze which are managed by forum volunteers (mods) who also ensure the Wyze Guidelines are adhered to. The reasoning behind consolidating Actions into one Wishlist topic is explained in the 1st post.

I understand your frustration with what appears to be slow movement by Wyze in implementing Landscape View and Wishlist topics in general. There are many ways to implement a change request system. Wyze, with feedback from community members, chose this method that exists today. If you would like to suggest more effective alternatives to the change request system (Wishlist) or other forum operations, this topic “Forum Feedback”, is the best place to be heard by Wyze next to speaking to Wyze in person.

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