Forest Camo Skin on Wyze Cam Outdoor

I notice that the Wyze Cam Outdoor has a Camo Skin on it. Is this removable?

The sticker is included in the set for you to place at your convenience. My guess is that it is removable, hopefully someone that has used it can speak to it, but I know if you don’t want it, it doesn’t come installed on the camera.

I asked Wyze and the company (Dbrand) that makes this skin, if you can purchase separately… the answer was NO from both.

I posted as a wishlist item suggesting Wyze sell these skins.

@K6CCC let me know about these:

I’ve an order in, and am waiting for delivery.



Niceeee. I have a circuit vinyl cutter and make my own. :slight_smile:

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This Circuit is on my wife’s Christmas list… I was concerned how much consumables would be for it…

Do you do the skins for your Wyze camera’s from scratch, or are there patterns you obtain elsewhere for doing them?


Trial and errored myself. Some arnt full coverage skins just words and shapes I’ve made and put on the cameras.

Thanks for the idea! I clso have a cricut and now want to make skins for several things around the house.

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