Forced Air Furnace Inducer Motor AND Blower Motor Come On at the Same Time. WHY?

I’m having the same problem as everyone else here.
My newish Honeywell had wires on R, C, G, W, Y
with a small jumper on a separate RC/R connection.
After installing the Wyze Thermostat on a Forced Air Gas Furnace, this is what happens.

  1. Inducer motor AND Fan Motor turns on.
  2. Hot Surface Igniter gets Hot.
  3. Gas starts and ignites.

How it’s supposed to work:
As long as ALL SAFETY Checks are completed between each of the 4 stages.

  1. Inducer motor comes on.
  2. Hot surface igniter get hot.
  3. Gas comes on and lights.
  4. Blower Motor starts blowing pre-heated air.

So… What’s the dill pickle?

Known issue. I disconnected the green wire at the control board and let the system turn on the fan until this issue is resolved

You followed the advice of disconnecting the green until summer?
I’m going to return this and go back to my Honeywell.
The Honeywell is much easier to program anyway.

Thanks for the reply BTW.

No one advised me to disconnect the G wire. I never run the fan on its own.