Wyze Thermostat fan operation in heat mode

I received and installed our thermostat, installation was smooth with no problems. We did use the c wire adaptor as the original thermostat did not have one. I later found an additional wire thats run on both ends so I can easily add it if it will help with our problem.

What we found is that when the thermostat calls for heat it also instantly turns on the main blower fan instead of letting the gas heater box warm up first. The way our house is set up some of the ductwork is well insulated but is in the attic. This causes a long blast of cold air for us when the heat is first initiated. We hooked the dumb thermostat back up and the blower fan delay is back and much more comfortable. I made sure I selected Gas forced air upon setup and could not find anyway to change any fan delays in the settings. Thoughts?

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I have seen other posts about the fan delay issue and there’s not a current solution. I will tag @WyzeChuan to see if he knows how to help or if a solution will be made.

There’s there’s a #wishlist item for this here:Thermostat fan delay function

I have a similar issue. I Just installed mine with a C wire adaptor and my blower runs all the time. It doesn’t matter if I have it on auto or cycle, it seems to be running all the time. Any ideas about how to turn the blower off and have it come on when I am calling for the heat?

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Mine is doing it as well with an oil fired furnace. The fan comes on with the burner and shuts off with the burner. By doing this the heat exchanger is reaching extremely high temperatures. To the point where the blower fan comes back on after shut down to cool the heat exchanger off. Has anyone just disconnected the g wire off the c wire module? I have seen in other smart Tstats that people will use the g wire as a c wire because c wire is not available. I know this will not allow you to manually control your fan but if thats not a problem. Is it safe to just not use g wire ?

Same issue for me. Anybody have any ideas? My fan runs constantly.