For Cam v4 and Cam v3 when going Live

When going Live on Cam v4 and Cam v3 sometimes the screen go live in the upper region of the screen i.e around 1/4 of the screen its seems to be BUG.

Got a screen capture?
I have V3, V3 Pro annd V4 cams and none of them do that. Make sure smart focus is off on the V4.

I’m not 100% positive, but I think you are seeing the hint, of motion is detected by the camera. I see what you see, sometimes. It might be a false positive as there’s not always perceivable motion. I predict this will get better. But I still say, I think its motion and not a bug.

As i said it doesn’t happen always, next time it happened I will try to get a screen capture.

I have screen capture and I checked and smart focus is OFF

When playing clips from microsd and then changing to landscape mode the clip not shown in full screen its a BUG

Landscape mode works just fine on my iPhone and iPad for live view, playback from the events screen and playback from the SD, all go to full screen. Maybe a setting on your device needs to be changed.?

I said i have an android phone relatively new Samsung

There are many Samsung phone users on the forum. Since I only use iOS you’ll have to wait for one to come by and maybe have an answer.

Here is another sample when playing Clip recorded to microsd play vertical fine when you go landscape thats what I see.

Thank you …