Flying bugs & WYZE night vision

Flying bugs were setting off my motion recording at night on my Cam V3. I turned off Night Vision and the Status Light. That didn’t help. I read that bugs prefer light in the 300nm to 420nm wavelength range, so I decided to try and move their interest away from the cameras. I purchased a roll of UV LEDs in the 395nm - 405nm range. I attached 5 strips of LEDs, each strip containing 3 LEDs to a piece of aluminum. I hooked the 5 strips (connected in series) to a 12VDC, 200 ma power supply. (An old “wall wort”). I mounted the plate with the LEDs about 5 feet away from the camera. It seems to have reduced the problem some. It’s very early spring so I won’t know until summer when the bugs really start to fly if it truly made a big difference. I’m open to any improvements or modifications that the members of the forum might have. This may not work, but maybe it will spark someone else’s imagination to come up with the real solution to the bug problem.


Yep, flying bugs are a problem. One of the common work arounds is LED floodlights mounted some distance away from the camera. That gives the advantage of IR illumination for the places that you want it, but hopefully takes the bugs somewhere else. It’s not likely going to completely eliminate the problem, but will reduce it.


Maybe one of these mounted away from your cameras might draw bugs away and zap them.