Flush Mount ceiling lights that fit over 3.5"-4" J-box to mount

Have a brand new home that has these boring Kichler flush mount LED lights in the ceiling (25+ lights). Most replacement lights don’t work because they utilize the little clamp arms to grip the drywall. Govee is a good example. These don’t work for me because I have junction boxes (j-boxes).
The only brand I found that works is Lumary, but they have a painful to use app and I’m not sold on the quality. Their basic design works though.

Light comes in 2 pieces. The lens and then the base. Base is the mount (2 screws that hold it to the j-box) and contains all the electronics. Then the lens is inserted and turned to lock into place. The design isn’t anything special, It’s just a matter of fitting everything in.

I think this is the direction new home builders are going. Big can recessed lights are dead, no one wants that. Utilizing the junction box is quick and easy. This saves you guys from having to provide a junction box like many others do. I have 8 of the Lumary lights but I’d gladly retrofit most of my house if Wyze had such a design. I definitely don’t want you guys to just copy, but the basic mounting is the future. Add in a ring along the ceiling that provides a night light setting and then in the center have the remaining RGBW LEDs for full customization. It’s a win.

Example light from Amazon: Lumary Smart Flush Mount Lights (Disk B 5/6)

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