Floodlight control by Google Home

I want to use my floodlight on a Google home routine. I cannot get it to recognize the floodlight. Is there Google Home integration yet?

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This capability does not exist today.

There is a wishlist item for this, check it out and give it a vote.


Well, you’ve had almost a year. I just bought this POS thinking I could actually turn the light on and off when I need to without going into the app and opening the camera and then clicking on a little icon. It’s ridiculous to have to do that every time. I want the light turned on manually. Throwing this garbage in a box and shipping it back to Amazon.

If you set the floodlight to AUTO and set it to turn on whenever the camera or pir sensor detects motion it’ll automatically turn on.

You can set the timer to 15 minutes but so long as your are in range of the device and it detects you, itll continue to stay on and when you get out of range and it no longer defects you it’ll automatically turn off

Theirs really no need for voice assistant to turn on the device when it can already do it by itself…

If I am in the house and looking outside and want the light turned on then, yes, there is a need. This product said it’s it’s compatible with Google Assistant and with Alexa. The only problem is it does nothing with Google Assistant and Alexa. I don’t really appreciate people telling me what I need and what I don’t need, especially when a product states that it does something that it really doesn’t do.

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For clarity, I am a community volunteer, not an employee of Wyze.

The compatibility with Google and Alexa is that you can stream the Wyze camera to their services, and depending on which AI assistant you use a few other capabilities like person detection announcement from the AI service.

The flood light is an accessory to the camera, therefore the independent light control is limited, but, there are ways to control just the light on the floodlight. This however will require additional Wyze devices like the Wyze switch using the additional controls capability, or a Wyze plug and some creativity.

If you have other Wyze devices and and are open to discuss some ways you could control the light using rules in the Wyze app, let us know what those devices are and we can see if there is a solution.


So how would I set this up to add a switch to the spotlight. Do I just need to add a wyze switch where I normally have a switch for the spotlight and jumper the power to be always on? Please advise.

I’d like to be able to do this as well and would love some tips. Sounds like wyze switch using programmable double tap is the best option?