Fix-It Friday 8/5/22

@spamoni4, I agree that the continuity between the two settings pages (Smart Detection \ Notifications) should be improved.

Additionally, I have noticed that when the Smart Detection for a specific AI is disabled, the corresponding Notification setting for that AI remains active and able to be toggled on and off:

If I have the Smart Detection for a specific AI toggled off, shouldn’t the Notifications toggle for that same AI also be off\disabled? I can’t think of a reason anyone would want\need to toggle these notifications if the CamPlus isn’t going to tag them. IMO, it creates some confusion being able to toggle the specific AI notifications on thinking that the Smart Detection settings are also on when they are not. Or, perhaps when turning on the Notification for that AI the Smart Detection is automatically enabled since that is required in order to get a notification?

The Sound Detection Notification setting, for example, will not activate unless the Sound Detection Event Recording toggle setting is on.


Absolutely. If it is not a select AI for Event Recording, then the corresponding Notification AI attribute should be disabled as well.

Good catch.


Also, I would like to record certain AI events (e.g., Vehicle) but not get a notification of them.

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Event videos are cut off on WCP2 with CamPlus as well. I have not scrubbed all of them, but one example I have here is cut off at 23s and then a second video 19s long.


Voted !!!

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This should be possible? Enable vehicle in event recording, but disable it in notification settings.

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I am not sure if you are asking if or telling me that it is possible. :slight_smile: Either way, no, it is not possible with the WCPV2. You can be notified of all AI events or none–there is no granularity, unlike with the WCPV1.

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Oh, didn’t know you were referring to the pan. Sorry

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As you already know from our previous exchanges, This is something that Wyze is already working on. The granularity in the AI specific notification settings you described is only currently available on limited cams since the function was being developed and tested. The V3 was slated to have this in the next FW release as the Betas did report it appearing within their Beta test.

I am certainly a fan of having it on the WCPv1!


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My issue is definitely with my WCPv1’s. My WCPv2 is recording clips as expected. My WCPv1’s either limit the clips to 11-12 seconds, or they will break up longer events into multiple back-to-back clips with sections of the event often missing. Motion and AI (people, vehicle, pets) events are often missed or sporadic. Occasionally the WCPv1 will record a longer clip, but the longer clips will always produce an error when trying to view.

As a test, I placed one of my Cam Pan v1 and v2 side by side to record the same event(s) and the results are completely different and clearly show the issue with Cam Plus on the WCPv1 cameras. I will post screenshots of the event clips below. The camera labeled “Living Room Cam” is the WCP version-1 and the camera labeled “Front Porch 2 (new)” is the WCP version-2.

@WyzeDesmond, please let me know what I can do to help troubleshoot and resolve this issue.


Often trying to play back a recorded clip on the Events page it gets stuck trying to load. I have to close the clip and open it again to get it to play. It seems to be happening more often and it’s not an issue with my home network. I have numerous V2 and V3 camera’s and it happens on all of them.


VDB (Video Doorbell) stuck at 3/3: Ever since the FW version is “re-opened to the public after review” on 7/28/22, my VDB has not stuck on 3/3 and works well. This suggests to me that the fault was not with the device FW but with the “authentication software” somewhere at the back end server. Can you confirm this? If this is the case, what problem does the new beta FW solve?

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@sunshine1 I would say it is on the device since if you have motion in front of the camera it will connect quickly.

More likely they have an issue with task scheduling in the device where it is stuck waiting for motion in motion detection task before servicing the authentication requests.

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Hey @WyzeJasonJ , anyway we can get the insights but not showing for thermostat users to be submitted for logs ? It got plenty of votes on the fox it friday call out and didn’t make it this time…

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On behalf of @Viper:

This is something I have submitted to the team previously with some logs so they are looking into why it is only showing for some people.


Hello, hello!

Welcome to the first Fix-It Friday follow-up of August! We have a new batch of bugs to tackle so let’s get started:

Forum - Wyze Plugs have disappeared as trigger and action options in Alexa Routines :electric_plug:

We forwarded this to the Alexa team and are currently waiting for a response. We’ll let you know if we have any questions later!

Core - Light socket is set to only come on with motion at night but also turns on during the day :bulb:

We have identified a workaround! If you’re experiencing this, please try changing the lamp socket settings from “motion is detected in the dark” to another setting and then switch it back. That should refresh the setting and fix the issue. We’re working on a firmware fix to prevent people from having to use the workaround, though! Please let us know if this method didn’t work for you.

Reddit - Some notifications are getting pinned and highlighted with a green color and do not clear by swiping :green_square:

We have forwarded this issue to the team. So far we’ve seen reports of this on Android 12 and Android 13. Is anyone experiencing this issue on a different OS version?

Discord - Wyze Home Monitoring keypad shows low battery even after the batteries have been replaced :low_battery:

We have confirmed this bug and are looking into it! We have some logs already so we don’t need more yet. If that changes or we have any further questions, we’ll let you know!

Let’s Take a Look at Some Previous Submissions

Discord - Wyze Air Purifier goes offline often

1.0.9 is still in beta testing but is expected to release this week! If you’re a beta tester, please give it a try and let us know how the connectivity treats you.

Wyze Air Purifier Insights graph is not updating when expected :chart_with_upwards_trend:

We’re still on track for the 2.35 app update for this one so we’re looking at next month or the following month for it to be available for everyone. Please keep in mind that this timeline is subject to change, so please take this estimate with a grain of salt.

Wyze Video Doorbell is getting stuck on 3/3 instead of displaying the live stream :three:

We have some logs we’re looking through! The additional logs in the new beta firmware are helping. We’ll let you know if we need any more help on this.

Wyze Headphones no longer use auto-pause but the headphones go into Transparency Mode still when laying down :headphones:

We’ve been trying to get this one sorted out for a while. At this point, we still haven’t been able to identify the root cause and we don’t have a guarantee that we’ll be able to fix it. Because of this and the limited number of ongoing reports, we’re going to remove this entry from our update list and we’ll add it back in if we have anything else to share with you about it. We really appreciate your patience and help with it since this bug was submitted for Fix-It Friday.

Audio out of sync on saved videos

No further update on this one. We’ll release it when it’s ready after beta testing! We haven’t been able to reproduce this problem on our side since the update and haven’t heard negative beta feedback about it yet.

Cameras appear offline in the app, though they are online and viewable

Our cloud metrics with the new beta firmware look greatly improved! So we have some encouraging evidence that the new beta firmware is making a difference for this one. If you’re a beta tester, please update to the firmware that was released today and share your feedback with us!

Attempting to view microSD card Playback when viewing an Event from a Wyze notification results in the, “No microSD card installed in camera” error :floppy_disk:

No further updates for this one at the moment. We have a bug fix in the 2.34 app about to enter beta testing. Currently, the Playback button is grayed out in the Events tab without a license attached to the camera. We’re super sorry about that and are working to fix it quickly! Once that is resolved, we’ll remove this entry from the update list.

Thanks for your help and attention! See you next week for Fix-It Friday. :smile:


Thank you !!!

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