Fix-It Friday 4/1/22

Persists. Frankly, since it’s remote, I’ve just accepted it as an unfortunate flaw. :woman_shrugging:

Mine V2 Gine OFFline startup still screen by itself.

No Events in Thumbnsil page
No Detection Notification

Only thing is getting the Pop up screen ti Subscribe ti CAMplus.

V2 is already in Camplus lite.

Can Wyze fix their server registration file?

yes, latest Android app or ios
latest 1002 V2 firmware

Hi, everybody!

Welcome to this week’s Fix-It Friday follow-up! Next week will have a follow-up post as well as a new callout for bugs to chase. Let’s begin!

Forum - When using Wyze Sense Motion Sensor, the Wyze Sense Hub, and routines with Alexa, “clear for X time” does not execute a trigger

We don’t currently have an update for this one. Here’s the info from our last update:

We’re wondering if this is part of the hub firmware issues and we’re working with multiple teams internally to look into it. But for now, here’s the information request from last week. This issue is really hard to track down without info from our community, so please help us out!

For this one, we would love to have a log and hub firmware version so we can look into it. Please recreate the issue and then send in a log that includes the date, time, and time zone of the trigger failure as well as a detailed description of your routine and which parts worked versus didn’t work. Please post the log number here when you have it so we can send it to the team!

Discord - Slow Alexa announcement of Person Detected from outdoor cameras

Did you experience this? If so, is this still happening for you? How long are your announcements delayed? We’re still suspecting that this may have been a server demand issue. If we don’t hear about this issue, we’ll be removing it from the update list next week. So please don’t hesitate to speak up if this is a current problem for you!

Here’s the update from last week:

We need some logs for this one. It’s possible that this was due to server demand at the time and then there was an automatic recovery afterward. We’ll need to verify using timestamps. If this happens, please send in a log with the date, time, and time zone from the timestamp of your Event video and then the actual time that your notification from Alexa came through! Then post the log number here so we can scoop it up. Logs can be submitted through Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log. Make sure you select Wyze Cam Outdoor from the list of affected devices so we get the correct log!

Let’s Take a Look at Some Previous Submissions

Wyze Sense Hub firmware causes issues with Rules and notifications or frequent rebooting

No update for this one this week. Here’s the previous information!

We’re looking into if the Rules and notification issues are due to a cloud issue instead of firmware. Though right now, we’re prioritizing the work on the sensors not pairing and frequent reboot issues. We’re hearing that deleting the hub and adding it as a new device is fixing the reboot problem for some folks. If you’re one of the people impacted by this, you may want to give that a shot!

We’re hoping to get back some Wyze Sense Hubs that are running into this issue. If you are running into frequent rebooting and are willing to send your hub back for analysis (with a replacement), please reach out to our support team and post your support ticket number here. We’re taking this seriously but need your help to fix it! We’ll keep working on things from our end.

Wizard chat ends when navigating to the main app page

Good news, everyone! The tests from last week went well! We’re going to go live with SMS support for certain workflows (not all support contacts) and we’re also making the change to the new agent workspace that allows for asynchronous chat. This will generate a ticket for every chat we receive automatically and allow you to come back to the chat if you go to a different page for a bit. We’ll be pulling this out of the update list next week. :slight_smile:

Wyze Plug 2021 (Certified For Humans) version going offline

The update aiming at fixing this is still in testing. We’ll keep you posted about when it goes out to everyone!

Wyze Sense Hub volume is lower than it used to be

We’re happy to say that we just released new Wyze Sense Hub firmware for this! Please check it out and let us know how you feel about it. This has different logic than before because there was a battery drain issue with the louder volume previously. Now we’ll have louder volume if the power cable is plugged in and delivering power and go back to the decreased volume if the hub is running on the backup battery to make it last longer. We’ll be removing this from the update list moving forward.

Cameras appear offline in the app but the live stream is online and accessible

Big news for this one! We’re going to rework the code for this entirely. Our estimate for the public release of this is June but that may need to be adjusted depending on the complexity of this task and if we encounter unexpected hurdles.

Wyze AI Events and All Other Motion Events sometimes grayed out

For the folks that ran into this, did you have Event Recording enabled for that camera? If you’re running into this, please check that setting and let us know! If it isn’t enabled, then this is working as expected. If you do have Event Recording turned on and this is still happening, then we’ll need to dig deeper.

Attempting to view microSD card Playback while viewing an event from a Wyze notification results in “No micro SD card installed in camera” error.

We looked into this and we think that what’s happening is that you’re super quick to open Playback when you get to the Event from the notification. Because the camera hasn’t connected yet, it gives an error that resulted in an inaccurate error message. We’re updating the messaging to tell people what’s happening and how they can resolve it. The secret is to just try again after a few seconds.

Wyze Cam v3 and Wyze Video Doorbell fail to reconnect after a modem/router reboot when other devices reconnect quickly.

We’re happy to say that this should be resolved in the next firmware update! Part of the issue is that the camera would try to connect before the modem/router were ready and then it wouldn’t try again like it’s supposed to in that case. We look forward to asking you if you’re seeing improved behavior once the update is available for you.

Alright, everyone! Thanks for reading through this Fix-It Friday follow-up! If we asked for information about an issue that is impacting you, please make sure to reply to us ASAP so we can get the info to the team.

Don’t forget to think about your Fix-It Friday submissions for next week and we’ll see you then! :heart:


Thanks for all the updates and hard work on these Wyze!

This one sounds like a lot of work:

WOW! That sounds great though. Interested to see what other changes come out with the reworking the code. :slight_smile:


Just hope No New problems.

It sounds like there are handshake timing issues with their servers.


Hopefully, it doesn’t mess something else up! I’m glad to see they are working to fix this one too though


You all are making me (more) paranoid. :sob:


Hello, hello!

It’s time for your Fix-It Friday follow-up! This Friday will be our next callout for issues to add to this list so make sure to note any bugs that are buggin’ ya! :bug:

For this one, we’ll be removing entries that we haven’t been able to recreate or heard back about for a while when we asked for further information. If you realize that one of the removed listings was something you could help with, feel free to reply with that information! April submissions have all either been resolved or fell in that category and have been removed. We’re also making pretty solid progress for the remaining topics from previous months. Good thing we have the callout this week! :grin:

Let’s Take a Look at Some Previous Submissions

Wyze Sense Hub firmware causes issues with Rules and notifications or frequent rebooting

We don’t have an update for this one at the moment. We’re still prioritizing the sensor pairing and frequent rebooting issues. If you’re running into the frequent reboot problem, please try deleting your Wyze Sense Hub and pairing it as a new device again. Though if you’re willing to send your hub to us to help with analysis of this issue, please reach out to our support team! We’ll send you a replacement hub to work with, of course. :package:

Wizard chat ends when navigating to the main app page

Bad news, everyone! Okay, not terrible news but not great. We had to turn off the change that allowed for asynchronous chat because there were some issues. We’re working with Zendesk to look into this. If we aren’t able to resolve the problems, we’ll lean harder on the SMS support option. We’ll make sure you’re in the loop as we progress. :iphone:

Wyze Plug 2021 (Certified For Humans) version going offline

As of last week, Wyze Plug firmware entered beta testing and it’s designed to help with the frequent disconnection issue. We’ll let you know when the update is released to the public for everyone to try. If you’re a Wyze beta tester, please give it a shot and let us know how your experience is! :eyes:

Wyze AI Events and All Other Motion Events sometimes grayed out

We haven’t heard back about this one! Since there are times when this is expected behavior, we’ll be removing this from the update list after this week unless someone pops up to give us info about it misbehaving. Here’s the update from last week:

For the folks that ran into this, did you have Event Recording enabled for that camera? If you’re running into this, please check that setting and let us know! If it isn’t enabled, then this is working as expected. If you do have Event Recording turned on and this is still happening, then we’ll need to dig deeper. :hole:

And that does it! We’ll be posting our Fix-It Friday callout for May submissions this Friday so keep an eye out. Thanks for reading and we’ll chat with you soon! :speaking_head:


On the Wyze AI Events and All Other Motion Events sometimes grayed out issue, this was not during expected behavior. The fix was to go into Event Recording and toggle Detects Motion off, then on again. When you go back to Notifications, the 2 switches will then be no longer be grayed out. So glitch.

Here is the original write-up w/description and log:


Thanks, Newshound! I’ll get this over to the team. :slightly_smiling_face:


Engineering side is taking a look at this now. Thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face:


Just a thought, for what it’s worth… Thought it better here than muddy the new FIF with it.

This doesn’t affect me because I never use the app to launch the chat bot because of this disconnect issue. I launch from my browser in the Wyze support site so it isn’t on the app interface. That way I can toggle back and forth between the chat and the app or my device settings or I can split screen them. I can even open additional browser tabs and the chat still lives in it’s browser tab.

Can’t the support button that launches the chat bot in the app be recoded to launch the default browser into the support page chat bot? Then, the app and chat are isolated.

That’s all I have. No discussion or explanation needed. Just throwing out ideas.


We appreciate you throwing out ideas! Thanks! :heart:

I’ll share this with the head of the Wizards. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m still experiencing this one, and also having the problem of not being able to restart the camera remotely. Each time it says “Failed”. It’s a V2.

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Does anyone know if the issue of the disabled uSD Playback button when viewing an Event Video launched from a Notification was fixed in any of the recent Android App updates?

Thx in advance!

My father is having this same issue. Wyze V2 no motion for X time events work perfectly within the Wyze app, but the event does not trigger an Alexa routine. Wyze V2 motion events do trigger an Alexa routine and Wyze rule just fine. No part of an Alexa routine runs when using the no motion event for X time trigger.

I’d like have him send you what you requested (logs, etc.), but I’m not sure how to generate the logs for you. Can you point me to how that’s done? I’m assuming there’s an article on here somewhere.

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Actually, I just visited him and there was a firmware update he needed for the base station and it is working now. So this is a false alarm for him.


@daniel_j_levine, the problem you quoted from the 4\1\22 Fix-it Friday looks like it was just recently fixed by Alexa\Amazon in the last few days. It hasn’t been working for some time but just started working late this week. Had it confirmed to me w\ another user.

So, when you originally posted, it was probably still broke. I think your post is what put it over the top! Thanks! :wink:

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Looking for continued Fix It Friday updates here is a link to next months thread!