Fix-It Friday 3/4/22

I here you i brought it up last year about a law suit i truly beleive that would be the best thing to do i read all the stuff on the fourm and it a current ly running about 75%-85% negative about the China Crap,plus in the ladt 2 years the quility of there products have become increasingly worse and poor quality andvalot of failures, the worse so far that i have seen on the forms is the poor quility of the batteries in the wireless outdoor camera our vompany had over 44 of those cameras andall were only about 14-18 months old and the batteries started to fail,it was so bad the owner of our company told our 4 service technicians wentbto all sites and replaced all camera’s with Eufy and cloudedge camera’s and so far we have had no issues at all.We still have a few Wyze wireless outdoor cameras in service do to the site is snowed in,so this summer they will be replaced.Our guys kept the best cameras and base/hub to donate to the church,and the home security system is a big joke,i dont see how they paded testing the failure rate is very hi from what we have been reading about.Wyze hadva flagship with the start of the camera V1 then went 2 the V2 they need to focus on there key selling item there customer service is the worse i have dealed with in all of my 35 years in business.Wyze needs leadership and can the young people that have no business background at all,someone needs to clean house there and hire the right people so they can stear the company in a positive movement and focus on the items that had hi sales,and the gun safe is really not a wyze item its a toy chest,wyze needs to have 5-8 items and beef them up and stay with those items.well thats it gor this lovely Friday morning its time for bed work is early at 0600.

I got my replacement hub and painfully re-paired all my sensors. The hub is on the original firmware version and is trying to get me to upgrade to latest firmware

Interesting part was my climate sensors all show under the new hub, but none of the door/entry sensors, leak sensors, or my “old” v2 motion sensors (already gave up on v1 sensors…) show under the new hub. They do show under my general device listing in Wyze. A new motion sensor that I paired shows in both.

When clicking on one of the leak sensors it gives me a warning that I need to update to the latest firmware to use the leak sensor. This is a bummer as I was hoping to stay on the older firmware until a stable firmware comes out. Another bummer was some of my window/door sensor reset buttons were wedged against the window and I had to pull them off to reset (luckily they re-stuck with original tape…we’ll see if it holds).

Lastly now I have to figure out how to switch my HMS to the new hub from the old hub. Guess I’ll submit a ticket for that.

If you want my old hub back, email me a shipping label. I just submitted a new ticket (# 1957844) to get help pairing the new hub to HMS.

@UserCustomerGwen @WyzeJasonJ I thought I’d chime in here that I too had one color bulb that had been having this problem for several MONTHS up to when the initial discord user reported this issue. Ever since Wyze gave a response about this issue it suddenly stopped having problems after months of the color random changing every few minutes: mostly to an orange-ish hue for me…like the temperature would change for a minute, then change back, then change again all day long…it was a little distracting, and I figured it was just a buggy bulb because the others I had didn’t do that. I set up a camera to watch the bulb so I could provide a video and a log for Wyze. I don’t know what changed, but after months of it doing this, it magically stopped after being publicly addressed and having the request for logs on it, and I haven’t been able to get logs for you because it’s magically fixed…which I guess is even better. Maybe that is why nobody ever responded to provide logs for this issue because the issue suddenly went away for everyone else too after being reported…at least my bulb that was demonstrating this issue went back to working fine now. :+1: I don’t know what happened to change this (I don’t think I got any firmware updates since this was reported), but something happened.

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