Feature Request: Wyze Cam App: Android AND Apple ios

Feature request for paying Cam Plus monthly subscriber:

Would like the Android and IOS apps to allow Event searching for:

  1. Pets
  2. Vehicles

We can filter Events (videos, pics) to show ONLY Person, or only Motion. The AI is smart enough to Tag for Vehicle and for Pets, but there is no way to filter the Events in the app for those tags.

Please create those 2 Event tags to allow me to see what my dog is doing, neighbors dog, and Deer/wild life.

And when a vehicle is spotted in my driveway, etc.

This is a current function. Click the “filter” icon in the upper right of the event tab in app, scroll to the bottom and you will see those choices.

Edit/ Further info…

Types of Event videos

In your device’s settings, you can turn on Event Recording so your camera records all Motion and/or Sound events. With a subscription to Cam Plus or Cam Protect, you can filter those videos down to show the important ones, like when a Package or a Vehicle is detected.

All Events that are available to filter by on the Events tab:

  • Motion
  • Person
  • Friendly Faces (with Cam Protect)
  • Package
  • Vehicle * Pet
  • Barking
  • Meowing
  • Crying
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