Feature Request - Video snip Motion Notification

I would like the notification to have include a screen capture of the motion detected and the app to have live views of my cameras. Can we look into implementing this please. Anyone else want this? Let’s make this happen. Comment below if you would like this.

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The notification clips now have a screen grab thumbnail for the V2 and Pan cameras. It is not possible for the V1 due to hardware limitations.

Multi camera view is coming at some point in the future (major app update).

I get a notification that takes me to the app to see the clip. Do not get a snapshot of the motion in the notification. I have pan and v2 cameras. Please advise.

What app platform and version, and camera firmware version?



App version 1.5.44

Pan firmware version

I have 3 pans

V2 firmware version

I have 3 v2

Notifications without screenshots.

I have not seen any screen capture thumbnails on my notifications either.

Here’s my info:

  • Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (running Android 8.0 - Oreo)
  • Wyze App version: 1.5.44
  • Wyze Cameras: 2 x Wyze Cam Pan
  • FW version installed: on both cameras

Uninstalled Wyze app and reinstalled. Still no notification

Here is a list without any screenshots.

Also Android 8.0

Samsung S8+

I would like, Something indicating Which clips have not been viewed

Any progress on the v2 or pans not getting a thumbnail?

Can I send you logs or anything to assist this issue with Samsung S8+ Android 8.0?

Have you filed a support ticket? You can include the logs when you file a support ticket from within the app.

Sent in through feedback. Included logs.

LG G6 also is not receiving screenshot as well, uploaded logs. Please help.

Can we get some movement on this issue? Anyone else experiencing this?

I’m also looking for this feature. My blink cameras all provide this ability and the fact that you said it’s available and then did not reply to anyone except to say contact support is concerning. Is this a bug, or have you just not actually deployed this feature yet?

I’d hate to open a support case, requiring a human who needs to be paid (increasing the cost of the device), just for something that you could answer for us easily and quickly.

Thanks. Still loving Wyze - just think you could be a bit more proactive on some of these feature request responses.

The “Ask the Community” category is not intended for feature requests. You can search the #wishlist category to see if your request is already there, and then vote on it. Then search #roadmap to see if Wyze is currently working on it. If you don’t see it in either area, then submit a #wishlist topic for approval. :slight_smile: