Feature Request - "Secure Mode", grouping, or Geo-fencing.

We have an Ecobee3 thermostat that automatically turns down the temperature when we leave a geo-fenced area, which is controlled through the app on our phone. When we get back within that geo-fence, it turns the temperature back up so it’s warm when we get home.

What would be cool is that if we leave our house/business area, it automatically turns on motion and audio sensors on all devices that you specify are tied to a specific area or group. Kind of like a “secure mode” for when you’re not near the cameras.

Group A could be home, and when you leave home it turns on those, when you arrive home it turns them off again (unless you manually override).

Group B could be work, which does the same thing.

Alternatively, or maybe at the same time, you could maybe have a quick button to turn on and off motion/audio sensing on all cameras in the group. Think of it like setting your alarm system when you leave the house.

Finally, maybe it could be set on a schedule, so after you go to bed they automatically turn on motion sensing and notifications. If you had a mode such as this, you could potentially also play a siren/alert noise through the speaker when motion is detected.

Just throwing it out there - I love the cameras. Thanks!


Ah, I just joined the beta program - looks like scheduling is already a part of the new app.

I agree. I just got my camera on Saturday. I LOVE it but I would kill for a geo-fencing feature. While the scheduling thing (if I understand it correctly as I haven’t used it) seems cool, there are times when I go out or perhaps am sick and stay home from work. Geo-fencing would be much better.