Feature request: restart camera from app

There have been many instances where I’ve had to restart the cameras and this can only be done by power cycling.

It would be great to accomplish this from within the app especially when the camera is not physically easy to get to.

Another idea I was thinking of is using a smart plug for each camera, but that doubles the price…

If the reason you need to power cycle the camera is that the app can’t connect to the camera, how could you do that from the app? The only way to remotely restart an unresponsive camera would be using a smart plug.

Obviously not since that wouldn’t work. That’s why I mentioned the smart plug. There have been times where the SD card stopped being recognized and a reboot fixed it. Other than this and for maintenance, there are probably not a lot of use cases though. If there are no firmware bugs in general the cameras should be solid and not really need a reboot. I rebooted a Google Home from the app yesterday which prompted my thought process here.

My DLINK camera’s would autoreboot if they lost connection to the main server or various other triggers. Was helpful for cameras in remote locations. I just installed a half dozen Wyze cameras and 24 hours later 1 of them requires a reboot but I can’t easily drive back there to reboot it.