Fast Forward/Rewind (and other scrubbing alternatives) In SD Card Playback

Rewatching playback needs options to adjust the speed of the video such as viewing video 2x, 3x, 4x etc. speeds. This is a much needed feature.

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Honestly, just skipping forward or back in increments (5, 10, 15, 30, 60 seconds) would make life easier. The dragging is so imprecise.


I would like the opportunity to fast forward/backward at different speeds. When I was trying to playback footage for the police, it took forever because of the dragging forwards and backwards and certainly delayed them getting the bad guys because I couldn’t get to the darn part of the video they needed to see!

I have actually need to replace 5 of my Wyze cameras because the playback is simply too aggravating to use . I need to look at playback daily for specific reasons and it literally takes me 10 minutes to find a particular moment . Really difficult . Even if there was the ability to just FF and RW and speeds to 128x would be soooo much better. I hope Wyze can put more time into getting this feature added. My Arlo’s are so much easier to use, albeit more expensive , but they are no frustrating to playback on.

Hi folks, it’s been over a year since this enhancement topic was created. You’re too young a company to have stuff be lost in the backlog. Where is this priority-wise in the backlog now?

Other systems have simple speed up / slow down controls (e.g. tap once, 2x, tap again, 4x, third time 8x, tap again it slows a notch and so on. simple) Set a limit well within the limitations of the device and get to done.

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This is something we’ve worked on previously and ran into trouble with how files are saved. It’s something we’re still looking into but we don’t have a timeline at this point.


While it’s not the answer anybody wants to hear, I certainly appreciate an official update.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


This has been near the top of the user vote list for quite a while - and support is still referring new users here when anyone asks about the lack of this obvious feature.

Ideally it would be great to have several steps of speed for FF/RW, just like we are all used to having available on every DVR made this century – but even a single speed of 10x (or even 5x) would help.

I would prefer a +15s/-15s option. The playback feature is clunky, so just skipping ahead or back quickly is way preferable to the inevitable overshoot that high speed playback would have.


Don’t forget slowdown. I need to watch closely to see if a cigarette is actually lit

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this thread started in 2018 and its now 2020 and still no fast forward.
I’d say look at how YI does it, but I’m sure wyze developers probably already did this.
other brand webcam can do fast forward only if you are in local home network, which is a joke. YI can do 4x or 8x in full HD over LTE. Is it a processor limitation? As I imagine this requires a lot of cpu processing power.

wow over 2 years…maybe lacking on the coding side are we??

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It’s partially hardware limitations and partially how our files are saved. It’s not an easy challenge to overcome but we haven’t fully given up on it.

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The Event Viewer GUI is super easy to use. A simple list of timestamped video clips, with easy navigation, and easy method to download the clips.

The Playback GUI is horrible. Often it says there are no clips to view, even though I just finished viewing a clip. The timeline scrollbar is difficult to manipulate on a phone screen. There is no way to download clips from Playback, other than “recording” the clip while watching in Playback.

Here’s a suggestion - replace the Playback GUI with the Event Viewer GUI. It’s a great solution that you already have. Why reinvent the wheel?

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I found a great workaround that combines using the Events button with Playback. Note that I use a micro SD card to save continuous recordings and have first set Continuous Recordings.

Home, tap your camera name , Gear (top right), Advanced Settings , Local Storage , Continuous Recording

After this is done, then:
Events , Tap your camera name —here you will see only 12-second clips; tap Playback to see your continuously recorded entire event without having to use the difficult time bar.

NOTE: My events won’t show up unless my camera is enabled and I often have to reset Events to Filter by , [camera name]: Home , Events , Filter by , Devices , tap your camera name, Apply .


Thanks Arlene, great workaround! Thanks for pointing out that the Playback icon in the Event Viewer takes you to the specific moment of the SD card recording.

This workaround also works if you have your SD Card set for event recording only:

Home, tap your camera name , Gear (top right), Advanced Settings , Local Storage , Record Events Only

Yea, i have done this, but now, it won’t tag events during the cooldown period after an event. I can’t remember how long that is, but it is a long enough to miss events.

EDIT: just checked, it is a 5 minute cooldown

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What I would be interested in is a feature that is on DVRs. Buttons that let you skip ahead or back 10,20,30 seconds. Something that could be configurable. Trying to view playback on a phone is just absolutely terrible to use.

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As a side “thing” …it would be nice to be able to select all from a camera on a specific day and download them to my computer so I could view,parse, scroll with full size tools… One could also just merge them all together and view them that way instead of using a phone… thanks

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