False alarms

I have installed 4 Wyze Cam V2 (wyzec2) at a lake house, remote location. I have tried reducing sensitivity , reduced detection zone, etc. I still get a LOT of false alarms. Many times there is a bright flash in the false alarm video. On some I hear a click in the false alarm video. Many times the sun passing over a window sets off the alarm.
I am out of options to try.
Note: I have 3 older Wyze cams at my local house and they work just fine. No false alarms. V2 or the new cams have issues? Just saying…
Thanks for any input and suggestions.

The flash and clicking could be the IR lens flipping back and forth, happens to me. Try leaving night vision off and see if it happens. Not a lot you can do otherwise unless you can move them to get a different angle.


Did you try adjusting the sensitivity in the detection settings to low? I always keep mine on that otherwise reflections or even dust set it off. Even on this setting there are false alarms so I use the person setting which solves the problem of getting a notification. However they are planning to possibly start charging for it which I refuse to pay since it was free since I had the camera and that’s not right.

Yup the IR lens flipping back and forth.
This happen at least twice a day …at sunrises and at sundown.
Each time it does the cam sensor notices a change in pixels and activate record …also if you have sound detection on it will pick up the clicking sound and it actives record.
I’d move the cam or turn off night mode.


Spot on. That is exactly what is happening. I will move and adjust as needed.


Sure we all like to help …

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