Face recognition not working

I have cam plus and face recognition but it has stopped tagging anyone for days.

After the AWS issue, I found that I was not being notified of AI either. This was an issue I had in the past. To correct that, I went into each device, turned off Event Detection and then Notifications. For me, it was important to go into Cam Plus AI in Event Detection and turn off each AI I had selected, then Back out of that menu to ensure it commits the changes. I would then go back into Cam Plus AI and select which AI option I wanted and Back out again. Then I would go into Notifications, Turn off AI Notifications first and then Notifications as a whole, then back out one menu again. Then go back into Notifications and turn on Notifications and Select the AI options.

Once I did this, I started getting my AI notifications again.

Here is a link to a post I had in the past:

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Ok I did that. Hopefully it works. I also noticed that Friendly Faces is only available with Cam Plus Pro now. It’s not even out yet, so how can wehelp it get better uggh.

I just looked at our cams and we do see there showing pet,vehicle, person and all we did was power cycled them

Spamoni4 - You said to turn off Event Detection. I can’t find a place to turn off Event Detection. I see Detection Settings, but I can only change it from Low to High. I can’t turn it off. Do you mean go to Event Recording, and then Cam Plus AI Detection? And then turn off each selected AI (like person, package, vehicle, and pet)?

My Apologies, it is Event Recordings.

Yes, go to Event Recordings, Then Go into Smart Detection and turn off all AI Selected items. Then Back out. Go Back in and turn them on again.

Once Again, My Apologies on the incorrect label I used.

Saw that also. We can still select it, so I assume (yes I know what assuming does :slight_smile: ) it will still work for now.

This is what @B9TM9N was indicating, the Friendly Faces is not under Cam Plus Pro:

Yea I tried turning it on and there is no facial recognition anymore. So sad, cuz it was really fun messing with it and seeing it get better. Oh well. What I don’t understand is why they locked it for cam Plus pto. Because now they have Cam Plus, Cam Plus unlimited, and Cam Plus Pro. What are we supposed to do? Buy all of them??