Extended night vision light

So I have no affiliation with the product nor the company but I bought one to test and was so pleased I bought a few more.

The Wyze cameras have great capability for night-vision but operate in a less than mainstream wavelength. I found some lights that barely emit any phantom glowing red on a random Amazon fishing expedition . They illuminate out to 50 yards with no issue and the only flaw seems to be they ship w/o a power supply lol.

Here are some images with NO visible lights on outside. The normal WyzeCams because they are mounted high above the field of view only show darkness even with IR turned on.

These are with the $20 illuminators turned on:

I am not sure of the rules , dont want to break any so … look for 850nm , 6 LED , 90 degree , IP67 Illuminator on Amazon.

(Wyze if this is not allowed forgive me, if it is ok please let me know I can post the link)

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You can post the link, the lights work very well.

I believe I have the same ir illuminator. Works wonders. Noticed on your’s the illumination is concentrated very close creating a hotspot. I saw the same thing when my camera face and ir face were parallel. I have my ir light pointed upwards approx 30 degrees to broadcast the ir light at a different angle. This opened up the entire viewing image. Initially I could only see the ground. Tipped it upwards and the whole back of the house lit up. Found this out thru experimentation.

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Those look good! You guys need to post some links to these lights. There are other discussions here

and a #roadmap for turning off the onboard IR lights here

This are the specific IR Illuminators I bought . I think they work great and yes angling hem up a bit will eliminate the hot spot and have a wider field of illumination.


That was one I had on my wish list for my b’day. It’s here, still in the box. I’ve got a box of wall warts downstairs, but the closest I have in 12v is 800ma.

Which power supply did you get or did you already have one?

Edit: just ordered these:



These are the ones I ordered. The 800ma will work, it will slightly under drive the emitters.

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Where did you position these relevant to cams? I was looking for pics posters only showing before and after pictures not a picture of the position to cams or best means of mounting for achievable results.