Everything is people!

I have several v3 cameras, CamPlus on all of them, and they worked quite well for almost a year. After a setting them all up, adjusting the detection zones and thresholds, and a short period of time “training” the AI with classification corrections everything was golden. Little to no misidentifications for several months.

Then at some point this last spring/summer (2022) an update came along and completely ruined the CamPlus AI classification system. Overnight it was like all the “training” the AI had gotten had been corrupted or wiped out. Almost every event is tagged as a “Person”. My dogs are now people, vehicles are now people, lighting changes, flags, waving tree limbs. All people… It is infuriating that all the cameras and subscriptions that worked perfectly for so long get broken by an update. I have submitted log after log and video after video. Spoken with support, “Oh that’s really strange, we don’t know why that’s happening” is what I’ve gotten. Months of this nonsense. Incredibly irritating. There are sometimes correct vehicle or pet classifications, but seriously, the AI sees people everywhere. I submitted feedback to correct the classification errors for months and haven’t seen any improvement.

I honestly don’t know what to do besides just ignore all the “Person” notifications, which kind of defeats the purpose of my cameras. Had people trying (with some successes) to get in to all the cars around my home, including my truck and I didn’t know about it until the next day when I just happened to notice there were actually people on the thumbnail of a “Person” notification.

I’ve reset everything multiple times, everything is updated. Is there an actual fix to this issue coming at some point?

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Sorry I don’t have any advice. Nothing in your demos is an obviously person-shaped-object.


i’m seeing this on my mother-in-law’s cams with cam plus lite. Most motions are tagged as Person.
My cams with cam plus tag properly.

I don’t think we are “training” our personal cameras for AI identifications. What we are actually doing is adding to the main data base at Wzye. But either way it’s not working because most of my AI labels for motion events are showing up as vehicles that happen to be parked in the street and completely missing the people and pets. My back yard camera even shows recordings as vehicles, when it’s setup to only record people and pets. I’ve rebooted all my cameras many times via the app and unplugged them, and plugged them back in. The AI just doesn’t work as advertised and wouldn’t even have paid for CamPlus for this so called “feature”, but I wanted unlimited recording times.