Events stopped recording

This is the first time using my Cam Pan with Cam Plus. I set it up prior to leaving town for a few days. The first few days it recorded a ton of events, but it was registering all of my cat’s movements as human. This didn’t bother me too much, since I was happy having too many events rather than too few captured. Starting at 2 PM East Coast on July 20, the camera stopped posting events regularly. This continued through July 22, when I got home. During that period only 1 event was registered per day. When I got home I could see the Cam Pan moving around, tracking my movements, but absolutely no events were posting. Is Cam Plus regularly this unstable? I double checked before going out of town that I had all of the latest software updates. At the very least, I expected events to get stored when I was at home and the camera was following me. I would guess that the problem is in the cloud and not with my Cam Pan.

Have you double checked to be sure you don’t have any filters enabled on the event tab?

There are no filters set on the events page.

Presume you’ve done all the routine troubleshooting: power cycle the camera, verify network connection is stable, etc?

After power cycling things seem to have resumed normal routines, but I don’t understand why it was an issue in the first place. My intention is to be able to go out of town for days at a time and just review events at the end. I would like to be able to trust that events are being captured without me having to babysit the camera.

I turned off Motion Tracking on mine and was able to get recordings and notifications working again after upgrading to the latest version