Events screen default to today

Is it possible to make the events screen default to the current day when you open it?

I spend a few minutes every morning trying to work out why my cameras haven’t recorded anything new overnight, before realising they’re still showing yesterday’s results!!

I know you can’t ‘idiot-proof’ everything but this might be an easy fix, and would make this idiot happy!!

The Village Idiot!

Welcome to the forums! Do you fully close your app, or do you leave it running in the background?

I just did several tests and when I fully closed my wyze app it’ll always default to the current day after I chose to display a previous day on the event tab. If I leave my app running in the background, whenever I return to the wyze app it’s always on the previous day that I had chosen.

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Thanks. I’ll try that.

Mind you, if I can’t remember to change the day I’m unlikely to remember to close the app each night!!

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Much appreciated.

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