Events - cameras unchecked

Lately when I go to check events I see only 1 camera selected to be monitored. I have to open cameras and select the rest of the cameras.

Anyone else having this problem?

Have you tried Clearing the App Cache?

Yes. Several times. It is random. I only noticed it when I had a package stolen off front porch and found only one camera checked to monitor events.

In order - cleared cache - closed and opened app - rebooted iPhone 12 Pro. Since it is random it is driving me crazy.

That’s because you set a filter. Click where it says 1 camera. Then in the list at the top right, elect Clear All. That clears the filter.

Might be an iPhone specific issue. That has happened before. My Android App hasn’t been changing my filters.

I use the funnel button at the top right to make sure none of my cams are checked for active filtering and only the AI event types at the bottom are checked. That way it always opens with all cams and only AI events.

I have met set a filter. This started happening all by itself. Worked for months and then all of a sudden it started doing this with no changes or filters set by me.

The checked cameras in the event tab is only a visual filter, not an actual camera setting. That check and that setting allow you to select what cameras events you want displayed in the event tab. If a camera is not checked to show it’s events, it’ll still record events depending on it’s individual event recording settings.

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