Event trigger blackout time makes person trigger unreliable

Hello, I love my cameras and the potential of the new person trigger ,

However the person trigger is not very useful as there seems to be some sort of event timeout that ignores new triggers till a previous trigger times out.

Example, a car goes by and occasionally triggers an event but if a person walks into view 10 or 15 seconds later the camera totally ignores it. Sound events also seem to time out other triggers. I’m still testing to find exactly what the delay is in seconds.

So the result is I must leave motion notification on to know when the delivery guy shows up which is of zero use because dozens of other notifications make a lone person trigger hard to find if it is even there and not masked by a trigger timeout.

Is there a work around for this?
Is my problem unique?

Thank you in advance.

Currently person detection is based on pixel motion alerts, which can occur only once every 5 minutes.

Two things you could do to improve your detection:

  • Change the detection zone so it doesn’t include passing cars. Your detection zone doesn’t have to include their whole body, so you could lower it to their feet if you like. Once anything enters that zone, the whole frame will be analyzed for the presence of a person.

  • Add a well-placed motion sensor. I say well placed because it can’t be allowed to see the street either. I am lucky to have an overhang over my front door, so I can mount the motion sensor high enough so it doesn’t see the street. If you have a simple ceiling, then you can mount it against the ceiling with the dome down, and the bottom of the sensor facing the door. Then tie the camera to that sensor. Those sensors only have a 1-minute timeout, and trigger much less often than a pixel alert.

I don’t even use sound alerts. They trigger on almost any sound, and are only good in an unoccupied house IMO.

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The support pages have a lot of information. This article is one example.

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one thing to add on the motion sensor, currently, person detection does not work with the motion sensor detected videos. its something being looked at, but if you do add the sensor, just keep that in mind when searching for person detections through the events page. videos that were triggered with the sensors are listed as smart detections.

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This is a good clarification. Motion sensors will not show up as a person detection, but have a higher probability of having a person in them. If you set them up right.