Event recording with no wifi not working -

I have the simple camera at with an SD card set for event recording. We lost wifi for a week and during that time there were no events recorded to the SD card. Older posts say this is possible…new firmware bug ? Or bad expectation.

It’s an old (known) bug. Recording to SDcard will cease approx 1.5 hours after the camera loses WiFi.

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I hadn’t run across that.
Is there a place to vote for fixing known bugs?
I’m about to try and deploy a several cams where I know they will lose wifi

Probably best to submit another trouble ticket. The ticket I submitted seems to have fallen into a black hole. Others have reported the defect, but it hasn’t received any attention😟

The problem is that the Wyze design intent is for the cameras to always have internet connection so they can record to the cloud, send remote notifications, and permit viewing from afar. The scenario of using cameras ‘off-grid’ without WiFi connectivity is not something they designed for, nor test for.

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Well I had only seen “there appears to be a bug that causes it not to work all the time.” posted by Loki about 2 weeks ago. I hadn’t looked further into it. I’ll wait to report it when it fails on me.

This should have been fixed with version 2.2. If you’re still running into this, please send us logs so we can keep working on it! Sorry to hear that this happened, @timdurniak.

I don’t understand how this bug (cam stops recording to SDcard when it loses WiFi connection) could have been fixed in v2.2 of the app. The bug is in the camera’s firmware. As has been reported, cameras stop recording approx 1.5 hours after losing WiFi. That happens independent of the app, which may be miles away from the camera, not even active nor connected to the camera.

Further, the release notes for iOS app v2.2.40 make no mention of this defect being fixed. If this bug was addressed by something changed in the app, the fix should have been captured in the release notes, no?

Could you confirm that v2.2 of the app really corrects this record-to-SDcard issue? I can’t easily test it right now. If I shutdown our WiFi for a few hours to see if my cam keeps recording through the outage, other people in my household will become very unhappy…


We release new firmware when we update the apps (often a couple days in advance). I had checked with one person from the dev team before posting but I’m happy to check with another person to be sure! :slight_smile:

Okay, I get to tease one of the dev people soon. Here’s more complete information for you and I appreciate you bringing up your concern:

The fix is going to be through firmware and the person I spoke to originally got a little mixed up about what version is available now. The current public version is The fix is on an internal test version but the fix is going to be included in the next release one. We have it in the alpha stage now so it’s making its way down the pipeline and should be available in the next v2 firmware update.

Sorry for the confusion, folks!


Understood - but if it’s been fixed, there should be a new version number of the firmware, right? IE, the camera would have to be updated to its new f/w release before the camera issue would be resolved. If so, I’d hope to see this issue reported as fixed in the release notes for (or whatever is the up-issue for the camera firmware).

I’ll try to test it tonight (after the house has gone to bed:-), and report back.

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I don’t think you should bother with testing it quite yet but I appreciate your willingness to set aside that time! After poking around it looks like the fix is on its way but that firmware update (which you are correct would need to be downloaded before it would be in effect) hasn’t been released to the public yet. Usually stuff like this would be included in release notes under “Bug fixes” but I’ll see if I can request this one being specifically called out. :slight_smile:

Copy that - I’ll stand down from testing tonight.

Polite request - personally, I think it would be nice if bugs like this were explicitly cited in the Release Notes when they are fixed. In particular, bugs that your intrepid users discovered and reported. A number of users have discovered that recording to SDcard ceased when the camera lost WiFi. Some of us spent a lot of time reproducing the use case, diagnosing the issue, sending in detailed bug reports, etc. Instead of burying the fact that the defect has been addressed under a generic term “Bug fixes”, it’s appropriate in such cases to let us know that they’ve been fixed.


Thank you for your request. I’ll share it with the team! If we had a separate area with bug list and when things are resolved, would that also fulfill the need?

That would be great!

Yes, that would be good.

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Oh, goodness! :flushed:

(I removed the link. I know that the point is that it’s NOT what it looks like but we’re still trying to keep a family friendly area here. :slight_smile: )

I wanted to make the point that YES, oh YES!, posting details about bugs that are fixed would be most welcome. One of my big frustrations about Wyze is that you seem to ignore and/or lose track of bugs that have been reported, and documented with detailed bug reports, logs, screenshots, and the like. It’s like there’s a black hole in the Dev team. If and when an issue does make it to the top of their list and get addressed in a release, it sure would be nice to know about it.

The point definitely came across! :rofl:

I will share your feedback with the team. Thanks for talking to me about this. :slight_smile:

No problem, (and apologies to @timdurniak for hijacking his thread)!

But back to Tim’s issue, as soon as I hear that recording to SDcard is no longer impacted by loss of WiFi, I’ll be sure to test the fix. I find recording when ‘off-line’ to be a very useful capability.

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I love this video so much. We’ll get the fix out when we can! :slight_smile: