Event Recording and Detection Settings

hello… is there a reason why the adjustments to motion and sound sensitivity and detection zones is in a separate detection settings section rather than be in the event recording section?

feels like if i turn on motion detection or sound detection, it would make sense that right below that i can set the sensitivity instead of having to go out of that section and go into another section

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I think that’s an excellent question. iirc, they were on the same page in the previous version of the software.

oh didn’t know that. i probably wasn’t a wyze customer then. so maybe there was a reason why they separated it. but from my perspective doesn’t make sense.

I liked them better together on the same page.

One reason that they might have moved them to the separate “Detection Settings” page is that some** of the settings there are also used for event-triggered recording to the SD card. I recall that there was a lot of confusion on this issue with the previous GUI. People who had SD cards and had configured recording to be event-triggered frequently missed the fact that local recording uses the same settings as for event recording to the cloud. By moving the settings to a separate page, it’s a little more obvious (very little) that the settings impact both cloud recording and local SD card recording.

The Detection Settings also influence Automations, per the guide text at the top of the page. From a UX perspective, it would be helpful if that guide text mentioned that the Motion detection settings influence local recording to micro SD card.

**To be clear, only some of them are relevant for local recording. The sound sensitivity is immaterial. However, the detection zone is common for both local and cloud, based on my experience.


I don’t think this is true for the V2. I think it is correct for the Pan Cam.

I did a lot of testing with a V2 last fall, and am quite sure that the detection zone was common to both. Not so sure about motion sensitivity - that one is harder to test.

Am quite certain that sound detection is irrelevant for local recordings. I’ve never seen sound triggering a local event-triggered recording.

However, these results were with the firmware last fall. Things might have changed between then and now.

I agree the detection zone is common, but the sensitivity isn’t on the V2. It’s one of the reasons I use continuous recording. I had some Events that didn’t have an SD card video when I tried event only. I’ve heard the sensitivity of SD event only is at 50, which is really odd in my opinion. It should be at 100 and record all movement and only alert based on user selected sensitivity. I think Wyze’s goal is to make them consistent, but I could go with either of these #roadmap s on sensitivity :

We are still in the process of getting all the nitty gritty details of these distinctions clarified. I’ve been tasked with coordinating that, and I’ve been unable to get to it for some time (life of a volunteer). I apologize for that. When we get it sorted out, I will be sure to post.

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I would think that difficult to test without some visible indicators like I requested in my roadmap. If the event only recording sensitivity is in fact set to 50, then any user selected sensitivity above that should trigger an event, but not necessarily a 1 minute recording. If motion tagging is not ‘tied’ to either setting, then it is even more vague. Is motion tagging at 100? or is it tied to the user sensitivity? Any idea?

Thanks - that’s helpful.

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