Event clips appear to miss the source of motion

My wife has health issues that prevent her from getting a good night’s sleep. She appears in event clips from the V2 kitchen cam three times last night, approximately 2 hours apart. One Cam Pan and two v2 cams which she absolutely had to walk past in order to reach the kitchen reveal event clips of an appropriate timeline however she does not appear in the event clips. So it’s as if the event clip 12 seconds began after she passed the camera. Odd. Like a disappearing act.

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I’ve noticed this change as well, it feels like a way to try to force users into using cam plus… On the plus side, the SD card records the actual event that caused the clip to trigger and upload the 12 seconds after the event happened to the cloud.

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In order to trigger several cameras in my living room it only takes about five or six seconds to walk past the cameras. I analyzed the time stamps on four events overnight where I was certain my wife had walked past three cameras. I wrote down the beginning event timestamp and then viewed playback of the continuous recording. 12 second event clips begin AFTER a 6 second delay. Thus if the motion involves is only five or six seconds the cameras are worthless for event recording.

I only checked one V2 camera timestamps but I think this applies to v2s v3s and the pan cam. I have previously noticed two cameras that point out my front window were showing a lot of events but when I go to view the event there’s really nothing remarkable there. I enabled motion tagging for one of those cameras and that didn’t provide any help in determining what’s going on.

I have a hunch the last firmware update hosed the cameras.

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The day before I noticed the above problem I had carefully turned off each Wyze device individually using the app, powered off the cable modem for 60 seconds, turn the cable modem back on, rebooted the Wi-Fi router, and used the app to turn Wyze devices back on.

I wonder what the Sync option does exactly, meaning what server or other device does it get the time from.

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Ticket 147494 was submitted after verifying a pan cam has the same issue as V2 and V3 cameras. 12 second Motion detection Clips tend to not show any moving objects or people and they begin six or eight seconds after a person walks out of view of the camera. Pretty disgusting.


You are not alone I have the same issue & 7 camera’s 4 Pan-Cams ,2 V2, 2 V3

Overnight, there were only 2 events for me to compare timestamps and recorded motion, against the continuous recording. Those 2 events were normal. The only related tinkering done yesterday was restarting my Android phone after concluding, hopefully correctly, the phone time is the sync source for the cameras.

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Check the “motion detection zone”. Maybe make the zone the whole screen.

You’re right, and I never realized this. Thanks. I always assumed they were doing this properly with publicly available NTP servers. Huh.

The above issue appears to have resolved itself. I suspect rebooting the phone had something to do with synchronizing the time of day.