Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Outlet Light Switch

My Wyze cam push notifications turn off my Christmas tree lights that are remotely controlled via the Etekcity outlet. Has anyone had a similar incident and if so, are there any workarounds? I’ve had to stop my event notifications for the time being, as we have six of the wireless remotes connected to various Christmas light displays.

That is truly odd behavior. Any idea why?

Wyze doesn’t have control of anything that isn’t in its own ecosystem. Are they both connected through a third-party service like Alexa or IFTTT or Google Home or something? If so, the problem would probably lie there.

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My assumption is that the Wyze cam notifications are using the same frequency and that signal is being received by the Etekcity remote outlet.

Wyze cams use WiFi. It’s not like IR or radio “signals” that could control multiple things.

I forgot to add that I don’t have a hub and the only Alexa interfaces I have are my Ecobee thermostats and Logitech Express remote. But, there was no communication with those devices when the lights were being turned off. The only activity when the lights were turning off were push notices from the cameras. Plus, I’ve had no other occurrences of lights turning off since I turned the push notifications off on the four cameras I have.

I can’t even begin to imagine what would cause this, but I don’t totally understand your setup. What are the 6 remotes you’re using and what kind of signal do they transmit? What are the eTekCity plugs and what kind of signal do they receive? What device is receiving your push notifications? Does this happen with ANY push notification on the device?

The Wyze cameras don’t transmit anything other than WiFi. Maybe the device receiving your push notifications is transmitting some kind of weird signal when it receives them, but I can’t even begin to imagine how that would happen.

The Logitech remote seems like the only piece of that setup that likely transmits multiple types of signals. Maybe you’ve gotten some wires or logic crossed in that setup.

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Here’s what I use to control my Christmas lights:, and they use an RF signal to actuate the plug in receptacle. The Harmony Express universal remote uses Wifi and also has an “IR mini-blaster” that is located behind closed doors of my entertainment cabinet. The Harmony remote, as far as I know, doesn’t transmit any signals until the ‘button’ is depressed and a command is given. I do know that I was not using the Harmony remote when the lights turned off where they were plugged into one of the remote receptacles. Thanks for sticking with me on this issue.

No clue really. So your plugs aren’t even using WiFi. The cameras are only broadcasting their 2.4Ghz WiFi signal, so I think this would have to be related to another device in some way. I’d be surprised if your phone was blasting out random RF signals when it receives notifications, but I suppose anything is possible. I mentioned the Harmony remote in case you’re doing any automations with it through third-party services like IFTTT. If so, you might have tied a Wyze trigger to a Harmony action through a third party.

I don’t know a ton about this stuff. Technically, I guess WiFi in general is a subset of RF that operates at specific frequencies. Maybe that means RF controllers could get confused by random WiFi signals, but if so, that seems like a pretty poor RF controller. I’m really not sure. Maybe there are people here who know more about wireless signals than me and might have an idea what could be happening.

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