Error Code 05, 06, 07

All of these are related to cam plus!!! If you delete cam plus and wait a couple hours every even shows up, yeah it’s only 12 seconds but that is better than zero seconds. Cam plus is messed up, fix your servers WYZE!!!

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Always getting error pop up in app. Pancam I have and will not buy another camera through here cause service has many bugs. I have 2 Motorola cams and a blink camera also. 2 different services without a problem but this service needs to be more stable. Would love to upgrade my 2 motorola cams to wyze but until stable enough I can’t right now. I do however recommend the smart plug cause they work perfectly and with a timer. My first smart plug was Amazon. Wyze folks please :pray: get all bugs fixed soon. I pre ordered my smart watch in December and patiently waiting just as any glitches you have now for our services.

And the errors are back! Every single cam thats on CamPlus is unable to view events. Error Code 5 every time I try for the past week!

I’ve turned it off everywhere for now. If this continues I’ll just cancel all my CamPlus subscriptions. They are totally useless since they never seem to be working