Entry Sensor Status?

Would like to detect Entry Door Sensor as “Open” within specific time range - Not a state transition but simply query/state of sensor status.

For instance - Rule to detect Entry Sensor state (Has been open for Specific Duration) after Sunset works IF the change in Sensor state occurs within specific time range but same Rule does NOT appear to query/detect sensor state at the time boundary transition. In other words, IF the sensor experienced the transition BEFORE specific time range the Rule will not detect/report Sensor as Open…

Goal is to monitor/report Entry Sensor status once within specific time range (eg between Sunset & Sunrise).


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Something similar to this perhaps?

Check all the replies for more context.

Thanks for the reply.

Not sure this request is the same as “Compound Rules” or a “Rules Language” - Here, AFAIK, need would seem to be solved with simple ability to query state of sensor triggered by “Time Range” event. In other words, Calendar/Clock should be considered a “Sensor” with Date/Time trigger…

Anyhow, reading through forum, solution for this type situation appears to be common request - When will solution be available?

The wishlist I linked tagged as “maybe later”. That means that it was atleast looked over at some point and tagged maybe later by Gwen or someone on the Wyze team when it was determined that resources will not be out towards it now. If that gets revisited and changed, it could go to “researching” which means some level of resources are checking the feasibility of it. There are other tags if it’s chosen to be implemented and it’s in a testing process or launched. You can watch or follow that wish list to be notified if there’s any changes in the future.