Empty Wyze Robovac command?

First, I was one of the early adopters of the Wyze robo vac and absolutely love it…Now with that being said, I have a small dilemma that I hope someone can help me solve. We moved into a new house and purchased some new furniture that currently occupies the space where the vacuum used to sit and charge. However it does nicely out of sight underneath our new sofa…but, it’s a pain the butt to have to crawl around to drag it out to change the collection bin. Is there any command or a way to teach it to simply drive out 3 feet and stop to change the empty the bin and then return? Thanks!

You could tell it to Vacuum, and when it comes out from under the couch press 'Pause", clean the bin, then click ‘Stop’, yes, return to charging station. :slight_smile:


Thanks for quick response…That could be an option, but I fear it might not pass the “wife test”. lol

To answer your original question, there is no way to create a macro and teach it waypoints to follow as an ‘empty bin’ routine, so that is probably the closest you will get for now. :slight_smile:

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This is a great suggestion, you can create a #wishlist post and Wyze may implement it! Make sure to check if the suggestion already exists first, and vote for your own.

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Or even better, you can select where the garbage can is and the Vacuum will meet you there!

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