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@WyzeGwendolyn I wish I was allowed to color my hair one color, but that you have two colors, either you work for a cool company, or you are an independent contractor who never has to visit Wyze’s HQ…
Typical US Employer who sees an interviewee with colored hair “They colored their hair… that means they are stupid, have an IQ less that a squirrel’s, and are completely un-hirable…”. so damn dumb, its 2022 for crying out loud!


Not all US employers are like that. More and more seem to be changing their appearance rules/guidelines. Heck, even my best friend who is covered in tattoos in addition to multi colored hair has had no problems at any of the places she’s worked. And she worked with the elderly in home care for 15 years. Her clients LOVED her tattoos and hair.

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Well, maybe working with the elderly is okay with tattoos and colored hair, actually something nice to cheer up the old folk (and it also more acceptable for women over men which is really odd), but try that look or any combination of it when in IT, and good luck keeping or getting a job… and i mean, a lot of places that have an IT department wont take you on, or will let you go, and not just in Florida.

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I’m in the St. Louis area, and I guess our area is way more open to those things. Most of the IT guys at my work are tattooed, and a couple have neon hair. Lol

It’s usually the banks and customer facing roles that I’ve seen really strict restrictions for appearance. So I know that it’s a prevalent issue in some work sectors.


Thanks, and wow, i guess they are more open minded. How you look does not reflect who good or not good you are in your chosen profession, and thats why it pisses me off when employers are like that.
Its a catch 22. customer facing being the limiting factor on that, well if more employers allowed it then maybe society will change its views as it becomes ordinary to see a person with blue hair or tattoos. I guess the companies with their customer facing employees need to take a chance and hire good people regardless of how they look, the more of those types out there, the quicker society might actually “get it” that it doesn’t matter how you look!

If interested, i did a poll:

thanks for your comment @towelkingdom i appreciate it… i work in a private school, and a guy, if i put the stud back in my ear i think people would faint…


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Oh yeah, private schools are notorious for overbearing appearance codes. Even the ones around here where it seems to be fairly lax in other industries.

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I used to work for a hospital and they were (are) the same… literally everywhere ive worked i know id get canned if did something as shocking as changing the color of my hair… people think of the UK as a bunch of stiff weird talking people, and yet i could do whatever i wanted with my body (maybe except piercings) such as hair color and that was an age ago… here though… restrictions apply.


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Only vote if your occupation is in IT (or someone you know) and you/they are based in the USA.

Does your employer allow you to color your hair, and by color, we dont mean the usual “hide the gray” kind of coloring.

  • Yes
  • No

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I work in an IT department, and know that if i colored my hair purple, burgundy, etc. that id be fired on the spot, and so im curious as to others in the IT industry. Again, Please only do the poll if you work in an IT department (or similar tech industry) and are in the USA. please and thank you.

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I voted, but want to clarify: I personally am not in IT, but I work closely with our it department on development of programs and scripts that we use to do our jobs (I’m a federal employee). The dress code is the same for everyone and there are no rules surrounding tattoos, piercings, or hair color. We have some restrictions on clothing (nothing lewd, profane, or too revealing), but jeans and t shirts are allowed 99% of the time across the board.

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Thanks @towelkingdom i just changed it to say if you or someone you know… thanks for pointing that out. appreciated.

Id love to have my hair purple… heck, even back in the 1980’s i had dark purple hair at one point, then black with blond highlights and worked for a university… of course this was in the UK. Way more progressive even back then. oh, and im a guy…

crazy that the federal government is WAY MORE open minded than the private sector. the private sector than can make up the rules as they go along, including ones like “change your hair color to whatever, its fine”…
Wow to your job and employers being so darn cool about it all…

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I was surprised, too. I began my career in 2001, and when I applied I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised.

My mom worked for Social Security and their dress code was more strict (no idea about hair, tattoos, or piercings) but they were customer facing. So no jeans or anything for them.

The agency I’m with is more lax with us as our entire building is not customer facing. We have a call center, financial services, escrow, IT, etc.

The people in higher positions usually dress up but I’m not sure if that’s mandated or if it’s just what they feel is appropriate since they’re in upper upperamagement. They do have meetings with congress people, and from the Administration, so I assume some is mandated and some is not.

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And thats just good sense to dress up “knowing” your audience, in this case the “big wigs”, and id say common sense, but there seems to be a rationing of that on this planet lately. So dressing up i totally understand.

Im an older fart, and back in the day was into bands like the Sex Pistols, and so color hair was part of that, and I was able to take that to the various positions I held (almost all in IT), and never had a thought about it. Then i came here and all bets were off, and sadly the only coloring of my hair in all those years is that im almost completely gray…
but… but… id love a nice deep blue or purple… heck maybe go back to black with blond streaks… although maybe that would look weird on an old fart like me… hmm i guess i shouldn’t call myself that, and older fart… im not that old… LOL…
Well, im glad you are able to have quite a lot of leeway of self expression where you work, and im pleasantly surprised its working for the government. have a happy day, DeVoiD

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I think it’s probably a bit easier to have colored hair in Seattle. I’m one of multiple employees with funky dyed hair at Wyze! One of my favorite times here was when we did a hair dyeing extravaganza at the office. I learned a lot about dyeing different hair types that day (my hair is thin and fine so it takes different amounts of bleach and dye than courser, thicker hair). Yun, our CEO, even let me bleach a stripe on him!

Wyze isn’t perfect but we are generally really solid at recognizing individual differences and allowing people to be people. It’s one of the many things that keeps me here. I hope that everyone will get to experience this support for freedom of style and personal expression at work in the near future.

Updated my photo to show the new dye from this Sunday! I went with red and purple stripes this time. :grin:


Nice! Red and Purple stripes…

ntoe sure why my vote thingy got moved here… odd…

We can only hope that somehow change comes, where people can be people, just like you said, and that they can express themselves however they want. In a job, you should be measured by how well you do the job, and not what you look like. To think how far ahead the UK was/is back in the 1980’s-90’s versus the USA, and how its only a very few employers who recognize that its important to people, that they can be themselves and we are in 2022! I cant believe so many employers can be that dumb about figuring out if someone can do the job AND has green hair… crazy.

Well @WyzeGwendolyn i hope you have a happy Friday (and dont forget to vote again, the previous one got moved and closed… dont know who or why)… and a wonderful weekend.

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@towelkingdom Dont forget to Vote again, for some reason my original poll was moved here and close on the original post… wish that didnt happen… kinda sucks…


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I’m an old guy. When I was younger if you had a tattoo you were from ‘the other side of the tracks’

My son is a tech sergeant in the Air Force. He has a huge tattoo on his back. When he enlisted 12 years ago he had to put on a dress shirt. If the tattoo showed, he either had to have it removed or not enlist. Just a smidgen of the tattoo showed above his collar. They let it slide.


@DeVoiDaNgEl re-voted.

And wanted to say I think it’s amazing when people older than me live their best lives and dye their hair different colors. I’m trying to talk my mom into going purple. I think it’d look awesome on her. My aunt did a light purple/lavendar for a short while. She rocked it!

Love the color! It’s great that Wyze allows people to be themselves!

I believe the premise here is mostly false. There seem to be very few companies with such an informal policy, let alone a written one. As noted, there may be dress codes, but not hair codes, military aside.

I’d be surprised to see even a single example of a written policy about hair coloring in the US.

The votes should have moved with the post. Not sure what happened. Sorry about that.

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