Further evidence Wyze doesn’t hire anyone over 35?

The logo is poor and the page looks as if it is saying “Upgrade Your Wyze Cam To Cam”

This post is 95% tongue in cheek.

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ok, thanks for sharing your thoughts on something you couldn’t possibly know.



Since perhaps you were taking this seriously despite the disclaimer…


no, i understood. you made a silly comment about the age of people working there, i made a silly comment about how you couldn’t possibly know. and a few images and video’s doesn’t say much.

again i say, thanks for sharing something you couldn’t possibly know.

P.S. an internet startup will almost always put the younger people on there promos. it fits with the hole internet thing.

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OK. But I suspect that monochrome image was their entire staff at the time. Reports had them at 50 or fewer employees; the current Wikipedia article still says 30. I do not believe the photos are selective as you say…

N.B. I don’t really care. :slight_smile:


true that. I hope i don’t sound combative, just trying to get threw a Monday :smirk:

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I’m over 35, I doubt I could do any better

this topic is a disgrace to even suggest Wyze discriminates based on a logo & description of cam+


Yeah you and I both. :slight_smile:


There have been many topics over the years about how hard the Wyze light green is to read. It’s terrible, always has been, and I have no doubt it always will be. On a PC with a large monitor, it’s bad, on a phone it’s worse. Under full disclosure, I’m a 61 year old male that has worn corrective lenses since I was nine - hard contacts since my early 20s.

I have no issue with the color, just the tiny Plus…