Email notification with attached snapshots/photos/video taken on motion detection

I agree. This simple but useful functionality is sorely overlooked. Most quality products (at higher costs) have had this feature for years and my favorite cams I use at my house outdoors all have this feature. A simple still photo attached to an email for quick history reviews of your email or during work hours. I don’t like my phone going off 24/7 with notifications for every location and need.

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This would be very helpful Wyze!!

I’m very interested


Oddly enough I do get snapshots of videos on my watch with each notification. I have no idea why but this is a great feature and should be on everything. I get a lot of birds and shadows that I can quickly see and ignore.


Those are actually push notifications. I think the original request was to get a photo sent to their email like dlink does. Those notifications disappear with the cloud. The photo snapshots would stay in your email.


Oddly, we get email from forum as notification for new posts but cannot get it with camera.
May be it is intentional design.


Hi Wyze guys , you can save money if you introduce email notification in Wyze Software . Many cameras in the market have this feature and you only need to provide the proper link to email services . You can save money in the cloud (because many users are going to use email notificaciones with Snapshot Pictures and Videos instead a 5 minutes video in Wyze cloud) . Think about it .


My phone gets way too many notifications and I tend not to use it a lot during the day. My Arlo cameras have email notification and I find them super useful since I’m checking my email a lot more often. Would be nice if this was an option provided.

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I know it has been said, but I want to add one more User’s request. Email notifications for sound or motion (smoke detector, CO detector) is a necessary part of this system. As already stated, not everyone has access to their phone/tablet, but their email. You send out emails for subscription renewals, promos, etc, so why not alerts?


Great idea

E-Mail notification is very basic feature. If it is NOT there, then I’m signing off from Waze. We do NOT want constant notifications clogging notifications centre. It is annoying. Suggest a best cam where the software supports email notifications + as compact as Wyze as well.

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Yes we need email notifications with still pic, like Arlo and most others

Wyzecam Failsafe Email Notifications

I’ve been giving thought to the increasing & inconvenient number of AWS outages. Is it possible to add an outbound SMTP client to the cameras, similar to what Amcrest has? The logic would be that, if a clip could not be uploaded, it would be emailed instead. And optionally, AWS could be entirely bypassed and all clips could be emailed.

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Still Images & E-mail Events

I came to Wyze from a camera that sends event triggers in E-mail as images.

For me it would be less important to capture full motion (which I believe the other camera does as well, I just do not use that feature), than it is to identify what is in the picture (e.g. nightvision and image clarity).

Ideally each local, cloud, and e-mail should be a choice. E-mail wouldn’t cost Wyze anything as independent from its servers, and for that it could also include no timeout periods at no charge. Cloud is an attractive enough feature that people will still want to use it, but it doesn’t make sense as the only non-local capture storage.

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Automatically email videos to user

If you’re never going to implement the ability to download event videos from your website despite a year and a half of pleas that you do so, how about this…

Provide the option of having event videos automatically emailed to the user’s registered email address. Make it selectable by device.

They are MP4 files (right?) so they should email fairly painlessly. If you make it a configurable option, probably relatively few (but still a significant number) of your users are likely to select it so the load on your email server should be easily manageable.

This, or the ability to download in bulk… PLEASE do one or the other.

Wow. I see my post about emaiiing videos got buried in an old thread about more or less the same.

Dating from November of 2018 :open_mouth:

So, it seems people have been begging for this for well over 4 years with not much response.

What will it take to get this promoted out of “Maybe Later” hell?

Wyze teams review the wishlist regularly. Moving your post here actually gives it more visibility. Separate individual posts get lost and unseen. This also helps with keeping things organized so that everyone searching for the same thing gets involved in the same request thread. It also helps to show how much total interest there is in a particular feature compared to others (number of votes, amount of activity, posts, rationales all combined in the same location). If every comment was in a separate thread and in a different area of the forum, it would be hard to know the level of interest of a particular topic. Lastly, as far as hold old a topic is, when a new comment is posted into a thread, that thread always goes to the top of the LATEST area where everyone will now see it. Sometimes people will purposely post in older threads to “bump” them to the top for continued visibility and new viewers to see them.

Things that can help:

  • More demand from more users
    • More votes: This wishlist has fewer than 300 votes out of millions of users. A relatively small demand at the moment compared to other items being requested. That is not the sole decision criterion, but it is a big one.
    • More comments and activity (only 58 total so far)
  • Wyze also has limited resources, so different things take priority. The things currently having priority and being worked on are shown under “In Progress.” As more things get taken off that Roadmap list, they will add new ones to work on in their place. So more of those current items need to be accomplished in order to make room for some new ones like this to be reconsidered again.
  • Cost/benefit considerations. How much will it cost to do this? How easy/difficult will it be to implement? What percentage of users would use it or find it beneficial?

They should be having an AMA event sometime in May on Reddit. We could try to ask one of the employees in that event about it then and see what they have to say.

Good morning, @carverofchoice. Thanks for the detailed and very helpful reply.

Out of “millions” of users (for sure, are there really and truly that many?), what percentage even know these forums exist? Of those, how many actually participate in these forums? I suspect the percentage is really tiny. I personally know people who have given up on these forums (and have given up on Wyze) because they feel like they never get any useful response from Wyze. So maybe 291 votes isn’t bad.

As far as how difficult / expensive it would be to implement, my expertise is in embedded systems, mostly medical devices, and not desktop or online apps. I could intelligently discuss the inner workings of the camera firmware but maybe not the online app part. But that won’t stop me from trying. :grinning:

At some point those uploaded videos must be stored in some user-specific directory, probably as MP4 files, right? Or maybe they are stored in some database, keyed to the user. How difficult or expensive can it be to give users website access to their directories so they can download their videos in bulk? Make it read-only access if you must… it’s not especially difficult or intrusive to delete all of your stored videos on the Wyze app.

As for emailing videos to the user, that can already be done manually and interactively, on a video-by-video basis (which makes it just about useless if you have dozens of tiny little individual videos like Wyze likes to do). How difficult or expensive can it be to give users the option of making that automatic, i.e. automatically email each video to the user if he/she so chooses?

So yeah, there hasn’t been an overwhelming upswell in votes for this, I suspect mostly because many have given up on being able to use those videos for anything useful like crime prevention / detection. But compared with some of the other things Wyze’s engineering team is being asked to do, this one seems simple and easy, something any competent website / database engineer should be able to knock out, fully tested and ready for prime time, in a week.

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I get the objective, but in practice moving a new post so that it’s down at the end of an old, big, long thread doesn’t help.

When I see a new topic I want to read and click on it, I get placed at the beginning of the thread. If the thread began in 2018 and has 100 messages, more often than not I’ll just bypass it.

It would help if the forum would show me the end of the thread instead of the beginning, with maybe a link to take me back to the beginning. I now know how to quickly navigate to the end of even the longest thread, but I didn’t know that until just a couple of days ago.