Echo Show -need to enable skill

Hello…we have a new Echo Show that was set up BEFORE this recent data breach, and since then, we have not been able to view the Wyze camera via the Echo Show. It shows us the cameras are linked when viewing the added devices within the Alexa app…but, the Echo Show keeps telling us we need to “enable the skill”…which we have done. Any suggestions?

Have you tried disabling and re-enabling the skill?

Alexa skill is down, reenabling does not help. Did Alexa kick Wyze off because of the hack?

Yes, we did try that…several times.

Thank you for the update!

Are you sure the skill is down? Just tried one of my plugs via Alexa and it turned on and off.

Did you try by voice or the app? Voice on a device does not work here.

Tried app will try voice and get back.

Add edit: Voice worked too.

To be clear, did you try this process?

I’m having the same problem (again) with Echo and Echo Show - “server is unresponsive”. Tried disabling and enabling several times. Still not working. This is the 2nd time since the breach this has happened. The first time, I deleted the devices and reinstalled them using the same device names. I really didn’t think I would have to do that again. I don’t have the problem with Google Assistant.

Got it! I was disabling and enabling the Wyze (lights) devices not the Wyze Skill. Note: When searching for the Wyze Skill in the Alexa app under Skills and Games, it’s useful to view the skills “alphabetically” rather than “recent.”

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