Ear Buds - Low mic level & Amplify Ambient Audio?

I just received the Wyze Earbuds in the mail… Not a good first impression.

Microphone did not work until updating the Android App. Did that, now it works, but audio level sent to the other person is very low, Will not be able to use it when talking to my parents.

The BIG reason I purchased them is for Amplifying Ambient Aidio… It does not work at all… Nothing! Wyze is sending me a new set.

Has anyone experienced the above?

No amplification for me either.

I agree. I got the green ones for my wife. Ambient sounds are very quiet, but I think they are there.

Mine are the black ones. I’m convinced turning on Ambient sounds only turns on more white noise in the speaker, but isn’t actually using the microphones to send any real external sounds to the internal speaker.