Dual Thermostat for Heater and Cooler

Hi, I am looking into getting a smart thermostat, but was wondering about whether the proposed configuration would work:

  1. Ducted Heater Controller - located front of house
  2. Evaporative Cooler Controller - Located back of house.

The big question, if i buy 2 units, (one for each location), will they be able to control each other? ie will turning i be able to turn on the heater from the controller at the beck of house? and visa versa.


Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @david.chippa! :raising_hand_man:

No, they are not linked and will not be able to control each other. Each thermostat operates independently either thru the app or thru the control wheel on the unit.

You can, however, use App Rules automations to affect an action on the other. For example, if Thermostat “Heater” turns on Heat Mode, Turn Thermostat “Cooler” to Off Mode, and vice versa.

Thanks for that. That is the exact answer I was looking for.


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