Double tap to zoom not working on event videos

The double-tap zoom no longer works with the latest update. Please bring that feature back!

Just FYI, it works for me in live and playback?

Where are you seeing an issue?

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It works in live, but not when viewing events in the cloud. Same issue on both my iPhone and iPad. To zoom when viewing events I must reverse pinch. When I try to double-tap the pause icon appears on the video and the screen changes color.

Maybe double-tap off to the side.

That happened to me once. Or could it be dbl tap faster?

Definitely not working no matter how fast I do the double-tap. If I can figure out how to attach a video of me trying I will post it.

It is odd and I am not sure how it works on iOS.

I double-tap, wait and hit play.

Maybe an iOS person has a better method.

Here is a link to me trying. Double tap zoom not working

I have old and new app versions on 2 different devices. I just tested both. Double tapping to zoom still works for me.


IOS or Android?


Edit – I also have an iPad. It has version 2.5.53 and after updating, version 2.6.62.

The double tap zooming works in the old version.

In the new version, it works ONLY for camera streams and playback. It doesn’t zoom when viewing cloud recordings.


The play/pause/replay controls are now in the center of the screen. This is much easier to access than the previous tiny lower-left controls.

As a result, I now need to double tap off-center as ssummerlin commented. I usually want the zoomed view in the center of where the cam is pointed. Now I need to tap/zoom on the side them swipe/pan back to the center.

Zoom in and with EVERY swipe/pan movement, the gray screen with control icons comes back. Make the icons display with a TAP - not a swipe.

Grayed out screen is annoying. Perhaps an attempt at making the play/pause/replay icons more visible over the video.


I finally got to play with this and I have to say that I much prefer the controls under the video frame as it was before. On iOS, double tap doesn’t seem to work even if done in a corner.

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Thank you everyone for the superb feedback. I guess I will log a support ticket since the issue only seems to be happening on IOS.

I’ll second that. :+1:

It’s not iOS specific. It’s also a problem under Android. The best way to accomplish zoom right now is to tap the SD card icon while viewing your cloud event (if you have an card installed). That action will take you directly to the same event on your local storage where you can double-tap or pinch/pull.

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I don’t have this bug with my Android app, only in iOS.

That’s a great tip! I didn’t realize the playback icon would take you to the timeline view for the video.

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Good idea. I think it is a design flaw when they added a new feature without testing for double-tap.

With Android it is still sloppy, but I can get it to work.

I have the problem under Android 6, 8 and 9.

I logged a support ticket for the missing double-tap zoom feature.